Friday, April 17, 2009

7-Eleven & Wolverine

I just checked on it, and in addition to the Papa John’s X-Man/Wolverine Pizza (which I’m already planning on getting tomorrow for lunch), there is a Slurpee tie-in with the pint-sized Canadian Mutant anti-hero. That’s right, following on the heels of the Iron Man and Hulk Slurpees from last year, this year’s hot fast food toy tie-in is going to be Wolverine Slurpee cups.

7-Eleven partnered with the film for a month-long, storewide promotion that hits customers as they walk in the door with life-size standees of some of the film’s most popular characters—Wolverine, Sabretooth and Gambit...

A new flavor, Mutant Berry, was developed in partnership with Dr Pepper and was a top vote getter in taste tests held last summer.

Customers will also find a special silver-colored Big Gulp cup inspired by Wolverine’s indestructible adamantium skeleton that is part of the secret Weapon X program.

Read the whole story here.

I haven’t been able to determine if there will be any kid meal toys, but I’m strongly leaning towards McDonald’s as having Wolverine Happy Meals, due in part to the company’s recent Spider-Man promotion.

I’ll keep you posted.


Tommy said...

Wolverine pizza, eh...

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Yeah, and the Papa John’s local to me recently closed, which totally bummed me up.