Friday, June 20, 2008

Drink Up Ol’ Son!

Back in the days before ebay, when hunting up rare or exotic funnybook stuff, You would have to happen across it at a flea market, comicbook show, or have been lucky enough to have spotted it all on your own as you wandered aimlessly through your daily lives. These days, it doesn’t matter that you live on the other Coast, never saw it in the first place, or just got to the store too late to score one for yourself, as you can always simply go online and hang around long enough to find one (at a reasonable price) for yourself.

(As an unavoidable aside, I collected the Simpsons Burger King figures from the recent film,and managed to score all of them except for Abu, the Indian fellow who runs the Quickie Mart. I was going to go on online to grab one up, except that the cheapest I saw him for was for a couple of three bucks, plus another three or four bucks for shipping, and I simply wasn’t going to pay close to eight bucks for an item that I could have acquired for less than a dollar when it was out, simply to have a complete set. I figure that if I see it at a convention or elsewhere I’ll grab it, but in the mean time I’m not that much of a Simpsons fan to actually care.)

Anyways, to get back to my point I not only recently completed my Iron Man 7-eleven straw collection but my CAG buddy Liz managed to score the third Hulk straw as well. Well the Iron Man straws arrived yesterday, and I’ll get the Hulk straw the next time I see Liz at a CAG-CT meeting. I have to tell you that I kind of think that the straws are way-cooler than the cups themselves, I think it has to do with the little figures attached to each straw.

One of these days I’m going to have to do one of those Twisted ToyFare Theater Fumetti strips with these characters.

In the mean time I’ll just have to dangle this wicked-cool bit of fast food collectible that I’ve managed to acquire. Yep, it is a T-Shirt that was worn by Carl’s Jr. employees for the release of Spider-Man 1 (No one wanted to touch superhero licensing flicks because everyone believed them to be a dead issue. We all remember how that turned out, eh?). Anyway, there are no Carl Jr.s here on the East Coast, so my good buddy John (“Yes I own the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, you can call my lawyer and ask him”) Carbonaro, lives out that way, purchased a couple of them and shipped them back to me (‘cause he knew what I Spider-Geek I am).

So, that’s about it for now (except that I just learned that Hardees produced a set of Justice League Unlimited toys back in 2007 that I now have to hunt down. A collector’s work is never done!)


Tommy said...

I didn't know Carl's Jr's promoted the film. Most interesting.

At the time of the 1st movie, I lived in a city that didn't have one, but there was on in a city 35 miles from there (where I currently reside now) with one.

Now that one has been closed for the better part of a year. I never did get to try out anything they had.

Patrick said...

Man, how about some focus with your digital camera. Most of your shots are so blurry.

rjsodaro said...

That’s because I drink so heavy because BND has me soooo depressed.