Friday, April 10, 2009

One from the Giveaway Trunk

Personally, I love giveaway comics. Not just because they are free, but because they often give you the opportunity to see something that you wouldn’t normally see. Well, we are about to have one of those days coming up (Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 2, 2009), but I just was able to snag myself a free comic that was produced by Marvel’s special projects department. Over the years, Marvel has produced a bunch of comics for specific markets, from advertisers who have paid to have their product hawked by Marvel heroes, to companies that wanted to have Marvel Heroes endorse their cause.

These have met with a varying degree of success. Still, they are all fun to read, and I have managed to acquire a great big group of them over the years. This past weekend I attended I-Con 28 (not a very well-organized Sci-Fi Con out on Long Island), but one of the cool parts of it was that I did manage to meet up with some fellow funnybook pros, and well, I did get my hands on a Marvel giveaway that I had been previously unaware.

This comic was a Sleepy’s comic staring The Hulk. Iron Man and (the Sam Jackson) Nick Fury also appeared). The comic (produced last year) was cute and simple, and well, was really fun. If you ever find it, scoop it up (oh, and proceeds — it sold for $3.00 — from the comic went to The American Cancer Society) which technically doesn’t make it a giveaway per se, but roll with it, it is a fun comic and a good cause.


Tommy said...

XD Nightmare is on the cover!

Robert J. Sodaro said...

And your point?

Tommy said...

I just think it's cool how they relate that to this particular promo is all.

Some promos have made up villains which varying degrees of success, but whoever was writing this thought of a particular Marvel baddy that fits this perfectly. I think that's neat.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

AH-Ha, yep. I really enjoyed the way that the story came together as well.