Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wait, they call this Continuity?

OK, So I’m reading Scarlet Spider #5, and apparently there is some sort of a nuclear device that is going to go off in Dallas (or is it Houston?), where the (new) Scarlet Spider (the clone of Peter Parker the One-True Spider-Man, and killer formerly known as Kaine).

Anyways, the specifics of the story aren’t so important for this post. What is important is the fact that at one point in the story the local authorities contact SHIELD and are greeted by the following sight (see below).

What you are looking at is the local cop talking to (on-screen) SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson (left), SHIELD Director Daisy Johnson (center), and Former Director of SHIELD Colonel Nick Fury (right).


That guy all the way to the right isn’t so much the hard-charging Sargent that survived WWII to go on to become the head of the world’s most sophisticated intelligence organization, as it is Samuel Jackson (star of Pulp Fiction, Snakes on a Plane), and who recently appeared in The Avengers movie.

Seriously, WTF? We know and understand that the Sam Jackson Fury is part of not only the Marvel Movie Universe, but the Ultimate Universe, but it is the white WWII vet who is fury in the 616 universe (which is where Scarlet Spider is supposed to take place.

Anyone want to weigh in on this?

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Credible Hulk

That's just the way we roll droogs!

Harddee’s has The Amazing Spider-Man

OK kids, we now have it, even though Disney/Marvel Studios/Paramount Pictures stupidly decided to NOT have any fast food toy tie-ins to The Avengers, Sony has hooked up with Hardee’s for a set of toys to the new Amazing Spider-Man film.

Unfortunately for this Spider-Fan, the closest Hardee’s is nearly 200 miles away, so it looks like that we’ll be acquiring the Spider-Toy set via ebay. While this does make it easier (and often cheaper) to acquire, it does prevent us from having any of Hardee’s very enjoyable foodstufs.

In fact, the franchise ie already running some commercials touting their tie-in to the Spidey film.

Hardee’s also is running a game-code tie-in and has a spot promoting that as well.

As you know, Hardee’s (& sister company Carl’s Jr) have already had previous tie-ins to Spider-Man back in in 1990 & 1999, as well as to the very first Spidey flick in 2002.

Personally, we can hardly wait!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Getting ready for The Amazing Spider-Man

We have just learned that that Twizzlers — the red, liquorice candy that many of you (not me) eat in the movie theaters — has just has teamed up with Sony Pictures to mark the debut of the The Amazing Spider-Man. The candy (made by Hershey’s) is challenging fans to “swing into action” and help the arachnid teen hero construct a virtual web of Twizzlers Twists to unlock prizes and exclusive content.

Yep, running now through July 7, 2012, fans can visit the company’s website once a day to add a Twizzlers Twist to The Amazing Spider-Man’s web in three scenes that depict the chapters of Spider-Man’s story for a chance to win several unique prizes, including a trip to the next installment in the on-going (movie) Spider-Man movie set.

“From the candy’s signature red color to its web-like characteristics, our iconic Twizzlers Twists are the perfect complement to sweeten fans’ movie experience both on and offline,” said Anna Lingeris, spokesperson for the Twizzlers brand. “We're excited to team up with Sony Pictures to bring added excitement to The Amazing Spider-Man through this unique online experience and the chance to win a trip to the set of the next Spider-Man film.”

Personally, we thing that is so very cool that we just might have to start buying packages of Twizzlers our self.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Disney's Pixar Avengers

My “Second” Review

On the heals of the review of my comic Hot Girl & Totally Hot Girl I've been reviewed again, this time on IndyPlanet by a couple of folks who bought and read the comic. For a preview of the comic, check out the Pronto Comics page.

OK, OK, one of the folks who reviewed the comic was me (again), but there was someone else that was looking forward to it.

Anyways, I urge you all to go to the IndyPlanet site, but the comic and leave a (positive) review of the comic. Thanks all!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My first review

OK, that's not quite right. I've been reviewed before, it is just that this particular review is my first review of Hot Girl and Totally Hot Girl, my brand-spanking new comic from Pronto Comics which is available as a Print on Demand (PoD) from IndyPlanet. Spiderfan gave the comic five out of five stars, and totally loved it:

SpiderFan is a site totally dedicated to Spider-Man and places he appears, and since Spidey appears in a crowd scene on the first page, the fine folks over at SpiderFan chose to post the comic and review it.

Here is a picture (with link to the review) on the front page of the Spiderfan website.

OK, to be entirely truthful, I was the one who reviewed the comic. (Hey, I’m really a reviewer for the site. Honest. And hey, if you can't give yourself a good reviewer for your own comic, then why bother being a reviewer, eh?) Anyway, if you want to buy a copy for yourself, then you can go here to check out a preview of the comic first, and then go here and get yourself a copy of your own.

Have fun!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday in the Bronx

Today I'm spending the day attending my buddy, Ray Felix's third annual Bronx Hero Con (held at the Bronx Museum).

While here, I donated a pint of blood (yes, MY blood) to NY Blood Center (I have previously given some 16 gallons to the Red Cross).

We're having a good time so you should come on down and have a good time with us. Right now I'm sitting next to my old buddy John A. Wilcox.

The place is hopping with all sorts of funnybook celebrities, and folks of interest, from Jim Salcrup (Papercutz) to J.M DeSantis, and Mark Mazz (Atlas Unleashed).

the place is packed, and there are great panels, workshops and much, much more. So stop what you are doing and come on by to help us celebrate the arts here at the Bronx Museum.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Iron Man on Facebook

This is hilarious.


Greetings from the Mid East

Last month My daughter traveled to Poland and Israel with her youth group  — and some 10,000 other teens from around the world — on a trip called The March of the Living.

This trip is for Jewish teens around the world to spend a week in Poland visiting the Death Camps and marching from Auschwitz to Birkenau on Holocaust Rememberance Day, then traveling to Israel for a week and spending Independence day there.

While she was in Israel she acquired for me a Spider-Man watch and a bar of Spidey Israeli chocolate.

How cool is that?

Unfortunately, I’m now presented with something of an impossible decision — do I preserve the chocolate for all times never eating it because it is “Spidey” chocolate, or do I (carefully) open the package and eat the candy, saving only the box in which it came...

Nope, not such a hard choice. I ate the chocolate.

***** UPDATE *****UPDATE *****UPDATE *****UPDATE *****UPDATE *****

Well, I finally got around to opening up the Israeli chocolate, and — much to my surprise — the candy itself was wrapped in Spidey wrapping. Cool, eh?

Thanks, again, Kayla!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Nazi Werewolves From Outer Space

Forget those sparkly vampires! Ignore those walking, brain-eating Zombies, Trauma Comics has hit on he next great Meme, and I’m jealous as all get-out!

No, I’m totally serious here, I have no idea what this comic is about (other than well Nazi Werewolves From Outer Space), but the description of the book is as follows:
Adolf Hitler has returned (with a new look!) and he brings Nazi Werewolves From Outer Space to conquer Earth. This debut issue features a young Jack Lynch who must rise to the occasion to save himself, and possibly the world. This is a 24 page, full color book, with no ads, and heavy card stock. As a bonus, original concept sketches of the characters are included. It is action-packed from the first to the last page. If you are a fan of sci-fi/horror, or just want to try something new, then this is the book for you! You will not be disappointed. On sale now at IndyPlanet
Personally I totally want to see where this is going and what it is all about!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Stan, The Avengers, and Dr. Pepper

If you haven’t as of yet caught the Avengers, what are you waiting for effendi? If you have, you are probably thirsty, here, let me, and my pal Stan, help you out...

New Sticky Tape Allows People to Climb Walls Like Spider-Man!

That’s right, according to a a story in Innovation News Daily, there is apparently newly-developed taps that could support the weight of a person and actually allow them to climb walls Spider-Man style.

A new tape inspired by insect feet is so adhesive it can support a dangling man and so durable that it can be reused thousands of times.
The super tape’s surface is covered with millions of silicon mushroom-shape structures that are invisible to the human eye and that mimic the densely matted hairs on the feet of flies, beetles and other insects. The stick appendages allow the tape to work in water, on glass and even inside the human body. The tape could very well be used by a person or robots to scale a wall Spider-Man-style, said lead scientist Stanislav Gorb at Zoologisches Institut in Germany.

Krave + Spidey

Just came across a new breakfast cereal called Krave from Kelloggs. I mention it here because it seems to be having a promotion with the upcoming Spidey flick

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Bronx Hero Con 2012

This Saturday I’ll be returning to the Bronx Hero Con which is (as always) hosted by my good buddy, Ray Felix. Hopefully, by then I should have copies of my new Pronto comic Hot Girl & Totally Hot Girl, as well as copies of the numerous Main Enterprises comics in which my stories have appeared.

This is one of my favorite cons and it will be held at The Bronx Museum on  May Friday 11th  and Sat. 12 th  2012 @ The Bronx Museum, located at
1040 Grand Concourse
At 165th Street
Bronx, New York 10456
T: 718.681.6000
F: 718.681.6181

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Saturday May 12 is the 3rd Annual Bronx Hero Con

I've been attending the Bronx Hero Con since it’s inception in 2010. I’ll be attending again this year. Here are a couple of video clips from past years. The first clip is from the ’10 show I show up at around the 2:40 mark with Mark Mazz of Atlas Unleashed comics.

This second clip is from the 2011 show where I was interview once again with my good pal, Ed Traquino:

The Bronx Hero Con is the brainchild of Ray Felix who is truly one heck of a guy.

A Timeless Journey in Stamford, CT celebrates Free Comic Book Day

Check out this very cool video clip of Paul Salerno from A Timeless Journey celebrates Free Comic Book Day on Saturday May 5th:


The clip is from It's Relevant (Stamford).

War of the Independents #2 reviewed by Comics Buyer's Guide

Dave Ryan's groundbreaking series, The War of the Independents #2 got reviewed in Comics Buyer's Guide #1689. Lucky for all of you Droogs, issue #2 of WotI is still on sale at your local comic shop. This is truly the comicbook event of the year, and you really need to check out this great series!

Hot Girl & Totally Hot Girl are (finally) here!

Well, kids, it has been a long road, but finally my comicbook Hot Girl and Totally Hot Girl is now available over at IndyPlanet for a mere $2.50 (+ S&H).

The journey from idea to fully-published comic took me probably close to five years. It grew out of an idea that got pitched as, well, as something of a joke, but then festered and grew into an actually fully-formed real concept. It was then typed out on my smartphone (no really), then presented to a guy I met who was a co-worker of someone I had known for years.

Then it took almost another year until the — then unpublished artist — to get his rather hectic life in order enough to realize that I was serious and to buckle down to do the work. Once the art was finally completed (pencils, inks and colors), it was lettered (then re-lettered), and pitched to a couple of publishers.

Needless to say, it was generally well received, but it was the visionary folks over at Pronto Comics who finally committed to publishing it. Originally it was supposed to have been a part of a full-color anthology, but that project hit a snag or three and apparently vaporized. Not wanting the strip to linger in limbo I was asked if I wanted to publish it as a stand-alone Print-on-Demand comic. I agreed and we proceeded with that idea.

Unfortunately we hit yet another snag when the editor assigned to the project abruptly left Pronto. Not to worry, Pronto’s Editor-in-Chief stepped in and helped Shepherd the project to fruition. So here we are. with an 8-page, full-color comic for just $2.50.

Buy one, oh why be shy, buy two and give one to a friend!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day

You read that right, kids, tomorrow, Saturday, May 5 is Free Comic Book Day, and you just know what that means! I'll be hitting every comic book shop I can find to help celebrate the day!

I'm going to be hitting a couple of the comic book shops in my area and doing what I can to help promote the event, and I suggest that you all do the same.

Tonight, however, I'm going to catch The Avengers at my local theater. I've been waiting for this one, and from everything I hear. It totally rocks the house!

I can hardly wait!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

Yes, I know that everyone (me included) is chomping at the bit to see the Avengers film this weekend, but I just wanted to remind everyone that The Amazing Spider-Man is just two months away.

Yeah, I'm finally getting excited about this film (I was always more of a Gwen than an MJ fan)

Oh, and the link to the new trailer is right here.

Happy (belated) birthday, to my son, Dylan

On Tuesday, May 1st, my son, Dylan turned 21. While I already wished him Happy Birthday, I want to take this opportunity to, well, embarrass the crap out of him. Here is Dylan at around a year of age in a special onsie that I had created for him.

In case you can't read it, the onsie says “A Future Marvel Zombie”

This picture is from a couple of years ago as he was preparing to fly off to Cairo for his sophmore year of college.

Happy Birthday, Dylan.