Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Year in Belkis: April

If you haven’t yet experienced a year in Belkis, then you are a poor soul indeed, not only is she one of the loveliest (and talented) ladies in comics, but she is the subject of James Rodriguez, NovaStar Studios Fantasy Art Calendar. This month, her delightful image was eye-poppingly rendered by none other than the very talented (and lovely in his ow right) Ravi Wilkie.

Ravi is a member in good standing of the The Filament Factory— a cadre of talented NYC artists and writers (who throw wicked-cool parties). according to his stream-of unconsciousness bio Ravi originally hails from Boulder, CO. Back then, Ravi spent his days painting intense images culled from what he saw when he closed his eyes.

Eventually, he ventured off to New York with the stench of dead squirrel carcasses in the air and a taste for glory. Ravi now defends his art against the ravaging hordes of time. Now with The Squeecher on his shoulder and his compatriots at The Filament Factory ( by his side, Ravi knew the monsters of time stood no chance. An extremely talented artist, Ravi, as you can probably tell from this (abridged) bio, is a little bit off his nut.

Still he is an OK guy who loves Zombies, and will one day actually make this writer uber-famous by consenting to draw the Zombie story that we gave him some time back.

Ravi, are you listening?


ravi said...

Very Nice sir. they are coming

Robert J. Sodaro said...

As always, I eagerly look forward to seeing them.

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