Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Flags Hung Backwards on Stranger Things

So, yeah, I'm a (one-time) Boy Scout, as well as a (former) Scout leader, and if there was one thing that I learned as a Scout, it was how to hang a flag. The fact that so many people simply don't know how to hang one, really bothers the living crap out of me. So whenever I see it these days, I call it out.

The most recent place that I've seen this, is on the Netflix streaming TV show Stranger Things.

In season two, episode three we have the first instance of a flag hung backwards:

Then in season two episode five we have the egregious error twice.

As you can see from the three photos above, there is an American Flag hung in a vertical (rather than a horizontal) position. The way these flags have been hung is wrong. According to the U.S. Flag Code when hung, the flag should always (ALWAYS) be displayed with the blue star field in the upper left corner.

When horizontal the flag should be hung like this:

When hung vertical, the flag should be hung like the image on the left, not the right.

It may seem like a rather small thing, but if you are going to to do something (show your patriotism), then it should be done correctly.