Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stan Lee's film Cameos

In celebration of Stan's Lee's 90th Birthday, here are several of his cameos across the legacy of Marvel films

Of course it doesn't include his appearance on the TV show, Heroes,

Or in the film Mall Rats.

Once more, Happy Birthday, Stan, and thanks for all of the good times!

This just in:

I hadn’t realized until informed by a friend, that Stan also appeared in The Princesses Diaries 2, so I'm now adding in that cameo as well.

One more clip, here is Stan appearing on EUReKA:

Oh, and I also found him on an episode of the TV show, Nikita in an episode entitled The Guardian.

There is a list of his appearances over on IMDB but most of them are as voice (in animated shows or as the narrator), and some are “real life” appearances (on talk shows, interviews or documentaries), with a few being actual cameos in dramas or comedies. I’ve posted as many as I found. If anyone knows of more Stan cameos, please feel free to suggest them and (if I can find them), I’ll add them to this list.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

And in other news

Saw this on Facebook, and had to re-post it here. I’m told that it is an actual photo, and not photoshopped.

Way to go, Stan, and happy 90th birthday!

OK, this just in, I've just learned that yes, the above image was n fact Photoshopped...

Needless to say, it is still pretty funny.

Oh, and the actual comic Stan was “Shreeding” was Action #75, The Death of Superman,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Man of the year

TIME Magazine named President Barack Obama its person of the year on Wednesday, dubbing him the "beneficiary and the author of a kind of a New America," according to managing editor Rick Stengel. The announcement was accompanied by an instantly iconic photo of the President horsing around at the White House with a tiny Spider-Man. More from Today Show.

And with just a bit of Photoshop silliness...


Now add in SPFX

OK, now we’re having fun!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man, via Carl's Jr.

This past year, Sony chose to re-launch the Spider-Man movie franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man. Well, while we weren’t completely impressed with the new iteration of our favorite hero, we did enjoy the film if only for the re-introduction of Gwen Stacy, our one-true love.

Well, as you all know, we are not just ga-ga over Spidey, we love it when a set of toys featuring the webbed one hits the fast food nation. As expected, with the advent of the new film, there was indeed a new set of toys, only they were issued by Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s which are both essentially Left Coast franchises. As some of you may recall, Carl’s Jr. was also the franchise that issued the first set of Spidey toys, back in ’02.

Anyways, it took us a while, but we finally tracked down a full set of the ASM movie set, and here it is.

First up is the bag that all of these goodies came in (apparently with some food, I’m told)

 Then there was a “flicker” ring

 A “stick-up” Spidey figure

and a set of nine (9) collectible cards: Here are the backs...

 ...and here are the faces.

A couple of the other cool parts of the Spidey-related stuff from that film include the following...

A coupoun for some online game.

The cellophane packaging in which the toys came,

and the foil pack in which the cards were packed

And now they’re all mine. Hopefully when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits the big screen in 2014, the toys will be issued by a franchise that is closer to me, and I’ll actually be able to check out some of the food that comes with these toys. 

Monday, December 03, 2012

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Oyster Festival 2012

Back in August of this year, I was working @ the Norwalk Seaport's 35th Annual Oyster Festival, and — as it has for the past three or four years — the Festival had a Sunday morning kid show staring Marvel Comics characters. Once again, I got my picture taken with the characters after the show, and will continue to use the photo as my desktop wallpaper for the next year (until the 2013 Fest, when I will get a new pic.).

Well I just today received the photo from the Oyster Fest volunteer who took the pic for me (John Leskovsky — thanks John). Needless to say, the Marvel stage show was the best attended show that we put on this year. Even better than our lead act, (the lead singer from the rock group Foreigner)

Oh, yeah, and that’s me in the center, sporting my pair of Avengers IDs (one of them signed by then President Ronald Reagan, and the other signed by the head of Homeland Security). Who’s cooler than me?

Friday, November 16, 2012

More news from the Twinkie Front

Alas poor Twinkies

No more Twinkies? Hostess plans to shut down

Hostess CEO says strike was fatal blow bankrupt company and that it is too late to fix it. Nearly 600 could lose jobs in Schiller Park and Hodgkins bakeries.

Hostess Brands Inc., the bankrupt maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, said it had sought court permission to go out of business after failing to get wage and benefit cuts from thousands of its striking bakery workers. (via Chicago Tribune)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's Still Halloween @ Main Enterprises!

Yes it is boys and girls, if you are already missing the spooktacular month of shocktober then you can extend it for as long as you like with the special Annual Halloween edition of *PPFSZT! form my good buddy “Grim” Jim Main’s Main Enterprises line of comics. Jim has just released issue #39 of *PPFSZT! which is (as previously stated) his annual Halloween issue.

This terrifyingly entertaining issue contains several most-excellent Halloween-themed stories and illustrations — including the very-excellent The Four Horsemen from Des Langford and Simon Mackie; the very funny Pokadot Demon by Rick Limacher; as well as regular features like Brien Wayne Powell's Magnet Man, RIP (Michael Anthony Carroll), Mr. Bruelle Explains it All (Robert Waldo Bruelle, Jr.), and Bill the Cockroach (Henry Gustavson).

Zombies of the Apocalypse
© Freelance Ink
Oh yeah, there are are also two (count ’em TWO) short stories written by yours truly Zombies of the Apocalypse (illustrated by Marshall Loveless and lettered by Mindy Lopkin), and The Tunguska Event (illustrated by John Lambert). The first tale of mine is sort of a gruesome  fun post-Apocalyptic zombie tale while the second is a story I had originally written to be the prequel to a Indie film that simply never came together. With a few minor edits, it is still publishable, and Big Jim agreed to do publish it.

The story concerns the Tunguska area of Siberia in Russia, where at 7:17 A.M. on the morning of June 30, 1908, a mysterious explosion occurred in the skies over Siberia that flattened trees and completely devastated the area. This event has never been fully explained. I am offering up my story as one possible explanation of this mysterious and frightening event.

The Tunguska Event
© Freelance Ink
So if you are in the mood for some very good stories, then you’ll want to reach out to Jim and buy up all of his copies. Jim can be reached at I’m strongly suggesting that you do precisely that and then tell all of your friends to buy multiple copies as well.

Then if you like what you see, you should check out the rest of Jim’s line of comics, as we are entirely sure that you will be thoroughly thrilled and entertained by what you read there.

Oh, and don’t forget to tell him that Bob S. Sent you (you won’t get anything extra, but it will make him happy that there are folk out there promoting his very fine comics, and publications.

OK, now it is back into the mix for us, as we have more scripts to write (some of them even for Mr. Main)!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Stan & (former) President Bush

Apparently this is a real photo.

As far as I'm told, this is an actual photo, not Photoshop.

The Perfessor

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Iron Man 3 Trailer

I realize that this has been already posted every else already, but I figure that I’d join in the fun anyway...

Wow, this totally looks cool, eh?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Grooming Spidey Style

OK, so we went out to the grocery store today, and well, we found the coolest shelf full of Spidey-related merchandise (very nearly bought these items then and there, but a small semblance of sanity crept in and I realized that I’d have to wait until next pay day to amuse myself.

Still I did snap off a few pics and thought I’d share ‘em with you fine folk!

OK, what we have here is Pull-ups

A bath kit (Shampoo, hair gel, body wash)

Body wash

Toothbrush holder

Wicked Spider-Cool, eh?

Hanging with Ray Felix

Perhaps one of the coolest things about going to comic book shows (like NY Comic Con) is getting to hang with good friends, including people like Ray Felix from Bronx Heroes. Which is precisely what I did while I was at NYCC, and I’m glad that I did, because it was there that I met Trevor Von Eeden. Trevor is doing work for Ray’s Bronx Heroes Comics and spent quite a bit of time at Ray’s booth. It was there — while visiting with Ray — that I was introduced to and got to chat with Trevor.

I even purchased a copy of the first volume of Trevor’s book, The Original Johnson. The graphic novel is Von Eeden’s personal and heartfelt biography of Jack Johnson, the first African-American heavyweight champion of the world, international celebrity, and the most controversial American of his time. This is an amazing artistic achievement of Trevor’s long and storied career (Trevor has worked on Batman, Black Canary, Black Lightning, Green Arrow, and many other characters), more than four years in the making and worth every moment (Look for my review soon to follow).

Anyway, here are some Pics from the con, including several of Trevor.

First up, Spider-Man stopped by.

Trevor & Catwoman

Trevor and the gang @ Bronx Heroes.

Mr. Trevor Von Eeden

Even Solomon Grundy stopped by.

For those of you who don't know Ray, he is an industrious guy. Never quite satisfied to do just one thing, he is now packaging his own line of soda. No, really, check it out!

Unable to resist, I purchased one myself, I even got mine autographed!

Seriously, Droogs, who’s cooler than Ray?