Saturday, April 18, 2009

A-Googling, we shall go!

Hey, ever Google yourself? (keep it clean.) Well I just did, and found this old link to an article that was published in regards to the book I wrote in 2001 about fast food toys.

The kiddie-meal toys your children collect are more than child's play. They may be worth money.

They already are to Robert J. Sodaro of Norwalk, Conn., author of his first book, "Kiddie Meal Collectibles," a comprehensive price guide for the ever-growing market of fast-food toy collectibles.

"Many of these toys have a great level of ingenuity," says Sodaro, an avid superhero comic book, toy and gadget collector. "Some would be worth $3 to $5 at any toy store, and people are getting them for free."

Check it out in its entirety if you wish.

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