Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Spidey Tchachkas!

As promised, here are more Spidey-related items that my beautiful family has acquired for me recently.

I truly have to hand it to my wife and kids, because not only do they put up with my funnybook habit, but they often supply me with a fix, by hooking me up with all sorts of comicbook-related goodies. (When my wife took my daughter to Micky D’s a month or so back, they had Spidey toys, and my daughter had my fie acquire one foe me, which was totally cool, as I hadn’t known that the Spidey toys were there at the time.)

Any ways, first up for this post is an old-fashion metal Spider-Man alarm clock that my son acquired for me when he was recently in Florida on a school vacation/field trip (how he arranged all that is a bit beyond me, but he did).

This is followed by the bag that it came in when he delivered it to me (no, he didn’t go to Universal, apparently he did his souvenir shopping in the Airport. He is, after all, the laziest kid alive).

This next item is a regular handkerchief that (apparently, and for no discernible reason) someone drew a Spider-Man figure on it. A buddy of mine came across it (I think it was his nephew that drew it). Well, he had no use for it, and knew of my love for all things Spidey, so he gave it to me.

If you look close at Spidey’s face, it almost looks like it was drawn upside down.

Finally, here are a couple of pics of a Spidey Easter Basket that I acquired (for 75% off) a couple of days after Easter from my local CVS. I love after-holiday pricing!

And here is the other side.

Is my family great or what?

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