Friday, May 22, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron @ Subway

Well, for a while now we’ve been complaining about the fact that since Disney bought Marvel Comics there seems to have been no Marvel movie toy tie-ins with any fast food restaurant. It has long been our opinion that Disney is leery of they “Your food made my kid fat” mantra of some folk, and have thus cut back on this form of marketing. Another theory is that as the Avenger films are not necessarily deemed as "kid fare" Disney has simply opted not to pitch to fast food chains (mot very likely due to all of the other kid-friendly items out there in the marketplace).

Well, while we are still looking for Marvel Movie/fast food figures and toys, we did recently see that Subway is issuing a bunch of Avenger tie-ins to go with the new Ultron film. The “toys” are actually a group of six cardboard fold-out figures that require assembling, and look rather cool.

There is also a drink cup with a code on it that is redeemable for prizes on the Subway website. 

Oh, and here is the Poster for the promotion.