Friday, December 29, 2006

An Addendum to Christmas

In my household, it is said that it is never really Christmas unless someone forgets to give a gift. This is because there have been numerous Christmases where in there was a gift that was so well hidden prior to the Holiday, that the giver completely forgot to wrap it.

Well, that happened this past Christmas, only this time it was my wife who forgot to give me a gift, rather than me forgetting to give her one (actually I did forget to giver he one, but that’s another story, altogether). Anyway, She also acquired for me another Spidey-present. A Spider-Man toothbrush (hey, shouldn’t it be called a “Teethbrush” or is that just me?)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It has been a Spidey Little Christmas!

I just learned that the NY Post temporarily suspended the Spidey Comic for the holidays. The comic will re-appear on Sunday, Jan 14th.

Meanwhile, I got some cool Spidey-Stuff for Christmas, Some Spidey Band-Aids.

A Spider-foam chair (built for a little kid, actually, my daughter’s idea of a gag, I’m guessing).

And a very cool collectible Spidey-Watch from my pal Walt

That’s it for now (it is late and I’m going to bed).

Happy Spider-New Year!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

It is a Spider-Man Day in the Neighborhood!

And yes, it is once again brought to us by Mr. Steve Ditko, courtesy of the NY Post whic is continuning to include 16-page reprints of The Amazing Spider-Man in their Sunday papers.

So, even as Spidey switches sides in the current on-going Civil War over in the current Marvel Universe (going from siding with Iron Man’s “Government” team to Captain America’s “Underground” team. While the switch didn’t come as any real surprise, it does mark the turning point in the Civil War.

I used this event to craft a webisode for SpiderFan which our nefarious leader, Jon Couper is choosing not to use (he hinted that he might use a version of this strip as re-scripted by him). Still, I enjoyed this version so much, that I’ve chosen to post it here. The art was clipped from the original web-strip (and then re-jiggered through Photoshop by me). The “South Park” images are from Chris Buchner.

Chris is also a member of CAG. and is something of a Scarlet Spider fan. (That’s him off to the right.) He’s actually an OK guy (for a Spider-Geek), but Hell, it takes one to know one, and I know ‘em all!

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I still have to put up the tree, so I’m going to wrap this episode up. Catch you all in a couple of days!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

It’s Sunday again (Naturally)

Yeah, here it is Sunday again, and I get to read the latest installment of The Amazing Spider-Man via the most generous contributions of The New York Post . Yeah, yeah, I actually have to purchase the paper (for a whopping .75¢ each, no less!) but yeah, I get to read the latest Spidey-Installment in their collectible reprint.

Interestingly enough, while this issue is continued from last week, it is also continued into next week, making it the very first three-parter. I’m not entirely sure how this happened, as the original comic is the same length as the other comics in the series. Near as I can figure, it is because there is a back-up tale with Spidey, and the Human Torch (as rendered by Stan, Jack, and Steve), so I’m figuring that The Post simply chose to split the story up in such a way as to spotlight the back-up story all on its own.

In other news, I was appearing yesterday at A Timeless Journey , in downtown Stamford, CT to sign copies of Psychosis! #1 I think that I did OK, I sold all four copies of the mag that the store had stocked (and added one more for Paul’s rack so he could still have a copy), and a set of three of Agent Unknown, the Renegade Press comic I created and wrote back in the late ’80s. Not a bad day, eh?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Here’s what I love about Sundays

Every Sunday, The NY Post includes another “Collectible Reprint” of an early issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. Each week, the paper issues half an issue reprint of thee classic issues. The story is by Stan “The Man” Lee and drawn by Steve Ditko (interestingly enough both Stan and Jack “King” Kirby have nicknames that have stuck with them until this day, but poor ol’ Steve never did, I wonder why). Ah well, no matter, each and every Sunday I get to read one of these old stories and recall with delight why I began my life-long love-affair with comics back in 1962 or there-abouts.

On Sundays, I run out to grab two copies of The Post (one is for me and one is for my 12-year-old nephew Tony-o, who is also a fan of both comics and Spidey), and then I sit and read the comic. Like I said, I already have the stories (in a couple or three different formats), but it still doesn't stop me form acquiring them in this way-cool new format. That’s it for now, except to say check out this link, it is a wicked-cool co-mingling of Our guy Spidey and the other Marvel heroes and villains, and Charlie Brown (to whom Peter Parker has often been compared) and the rest of the Peanuts gang.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Psychosis #1 Favorably reviewed!

Hey, hey, hey! I just learned that Psychosis #1 was reviewed over at Broken Frontier, and the reviewer apparently liked it. How cool is that? I mean I know that it is a way-cool book and everyone of my friends that has read it has told me the same thing, but to have someone who doesn’t owe you a “nice job” comment to say that it reads well is always a very cool thing.

Hopefully as the word spreads, more and more folks will be saying cool stuff about it and we’ll be off and running.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Trolling the Convention Trail

Last weekend (Sunday, November 19, 2006) I went into NYC to attend Big Apple’s humongous comicbook and Sci-Fi show (The National). As usual, I was there representing both Guild Works Productions, and the Comic Artists Guild. I am, you see, the Communications Director for GWP (that’s our comic over there on the right, click the link and go buy a copy). It was a very entertaining show that I attended. Interestingly enough, walking around a convention with a name badge on garners some interesting attention. You see, folks would read my name, recognize it, and then asked me how they know me.

My response is usually the same, “Well I’ve been writing in the fields for quite some time with credits going back to Amazing Heroes, The Comics Journal, Wizard, CBG and elsewhere.” This usually gets a response that they remember my name. Well one of the fellows that I ran into over the weekend (Dan Fogel) was the publisher of an underground price guide, when he realized that I was an editor for an overground price guide (Comics Values Annual) he invited me to join him on the dais for his panel.

Unable to turn down an invitation to pontificate about comics, I accepted. Granted his panel was the last of the day, and there were only something like 15 or 20 folks who attended, it was still both an honor and fun. While at the show, I was (along with GWP Creative Director Mark Mazz and CAG Art Director James Rodriguez, and Rammer Martinez) interviewed by The Horror Channel (hey, I didn’t even know that there was a Horror Channel!) I can’t tell you how cool this was. So, you just know that I’m going to register for and go to the NY Comicbook Con in Feb.

Also While I was at this convention, I ran into my old Marvel Age editor, Jim Salicrup (back when it was an internal Marvel promo mag) — who very generously gifted me with the con sketch that you see here (Jim also works with the Museum of Comic and cartoon art in NYC) — as well as Danny Fingeroth (author of Superman on the Couch — a very fine discussion of superheroes). Of Course my favorite cover artist Melvin Ylagan was also there, as were other CAGers and folks I know. So yeah, I’m really enjoying going to conventions these days.

This past Thursday was Turkey Day, and I spent it at my Brother-In-Law’s place, and he told me that the Spider-Man reprints that are currently running in the NY Post are also appearing in the Danbury News-Times, and that he has been saving them for me. He forgot to actually give me the copies that he has collected, but not that I know he has been collecting them and will continue to do so it quite cool.

Well, that’s about it for this week., got to get back to the grind (hey I’ve gotten two or three new scripts written that are targeted for the upcoming CAG/GWP comics. and now I have to type them up). Ciao.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Cool Images from the Spidey 3 Trailer

I snagged some very cool images off the Spidey 3 trailer, and I wanted to share them with you here in this space. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I can only seem to upload these images in a small format, so you can’t really see them very well. This first image is Spidey viewing himself in a mirrrored window. He is in the black “Symbiote” costume his, while his reflection is in red and blue costume.

The second image is a very cool action shot of the Goblin (Harry, not Norman) flying thru the air over Manhattan. I did (do) have an image of Spidey in front of an American flag, but can’t seem to get it uploaded for some reason. As I don’t have access to Photoshop from this computer, I’ll just have to post it later.

I also found some very cool vids over on Utube, only I’ll have to put them up in a different post, as I don’t seem to have the links over here. Not to worry, that will give me something to say tomorrow, eh?

Anywho, this is what we have today. Now I have to go back to work.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

More and More Spidey News

I recently learned that a fellow SpiderFaner (Mike Podgorski by name), has started a Blog dedicated to the daily Amazing Spider-Man newspaper strip. Each post Mike makes is accompanied by that day’s strip. Mike’s Blog can be found here. So if you are as big a Spider-Dork Spider-Fan as are Mike, Myself, and the other folk at Spider-Fan, then you really want to check out The Amazing Spider-Blog.

I don’t think that Mike is starting at the beginning of the Strip’s run, as much as he is simply starting during the current continuity, but either way, it looks like fun.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Spider-Man Manual!

No, I’m so not kidding! I just now saw this book for sale over at Amazon, and I totally want it in my collection! Check it out! The following is the blurb that Amazon has posted about the book.

Book Description
With great power comes great responsibility so if you want to be like Spider-Man, you'd better read the instructions first. The Spider-Man Handbook describes everything you need to live the Super Hero life. You'll discover:
How to Crawl up a Wall
How to Design and Build a Costume
How to Swing from Building to Building
How to Stop a Getaway Car
How to Negotiate the Release of a Hostage
How to Take On a Gang of Henchmen

Plus a few skills that would benefit all the Peter Parkers of the world (such as How to Deal with a Nightmare Boss, How to Live on a Meager Income, and so on). Complete with colorful step-by-step illustrations by a top Marvel artist, The Spider-Man Handbook is essential reading for all your web-slinging needs!

Anyone who wants to get me a copy, Christmas is only 40 days away!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Free Comicbook Day is Coming!

Yeah, yeah, it is still better than six months away, but rest assured, it IS coming! (This year’s was May 6th, while the 2007 event will be May 5th). So I want everyone to know that it is on its way.

Personally, I’m what you would call a big fan of Free Comic Book Day. Mostly for, you know, the obvious reason, that I get free comics out of the deal, but because it is such a fun event. Of the two comicbook shops in my area, one participates in the event, and the other does not.

The owner of the store that does not participate has — what I feel — is a perfectly valid reason for not participating. He believes that everyone benefits from Free Comic Book Day except for the store owners.

Publishers make out because it is an opportunity for them to (possibly) get their comics into the hands of people who might not ordinarily receive them.
Distributors make out because they receive payment for distributing the comics.
Pros make out, for much the same reason as both publishers and distributors; they a) get their work into hands of people who might not usually see it (and that is self-promotion), and b) they get paid (by their publishers) to create the work (or have previously-created work reprinted).
Fans make out because they get free comics.

However, all of this works because of the comic shop owners who fare the worse, because, well, while you and I get the comics for free, they actually have to pay to purchase and distribute the comics.

Now while you may counter-argue that the comic shop gets the benefit of established clients getting hooked on new books, and (possibly) pick up new customers as well. Only, according to this one shop owner (as well as others to whom I’ve spoken), that’s not so much the case. In fact, many of the shop owners to whom I’ve spoken to (and this is by no means anything close to a scientific, or all-encompassing survey), there is little (if any) payoff for the comic shop owner in the form of increased product sold, or new customers.

I’m inclined to believe this, as I (as a typically average reader/fan) am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I have never really gone out of my way to acquire (read: paid) for any “regular” versions of the Free Comic Book Day comics. Still, I like the event, and wish more publishers would participate. Further, having said all of the above, I also whish there was some way to help promote the event in such a way to direct more potential (and actual) patrons into local comic shops.

A conundrum if ever I heard one, eh?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Spidey is Still Running Strong!

That’s right Boys and Girls, the Spider still rules the roost. (Has anyone checked out the new trailer running on Itunes? It is totally wicked-cool-awesome!) Yep. This film is going to top the other two as the comicbook-to-film to beat.

Yeah, yeah, I know that we were a bit disappointed with X-3, and Supes Returns, but I’m sayin it here and now that simply won’t be the case with Spidey 3. And, no, I’m not just saying that because I’m certifiable a card-carrying Spider-Geek, but because (director) Sam Raimi absolutely knows what he is doing, (and has proven it over and over again with films like Darkman, and the first two Spidey films).

Plus, of course, we are being treated to classic Lee-Ditko Spidey stories in the NY Post each and every week. In this week's edition, we have the second half of the introduction of The Lizard. I’m telling you that I grew up on this stuff, and I’m still not over it. Plus, I get chills every time I go back and read the material.

Yes, yes, I know that I have the original issues (bag and boarded) in my collection, plus I probably have a couple of three reprints of the material, but I seriously never get tired of reading them. Plus in this new format, I’m betting that Spidey is getting read by more folks than read his episodes the first time around. Yeah, I hope that this stuff continues for some time to come, as I just can’t get enough of it.

In other comic news, on Friday, I handed off the first new Agent Unknown script in nearly two decades to Mark Mazz for him to consider for inclusion in CAG #5. It features a pair of newly-introduced agents (not seen in the original, Renegade Press series, but who had been conceived at the time). To be sure, the script was probably written about 10 years back, but never typed up. Plus, I had originally written it as a 10-page story, only Mark wants only 8-page stories. Hence I had to trim two pages out of it, and still have it deliver the kind of punch I wanted. I believe that I succeeded.

Next up, (and even thought I’m half-way through a brand-spanking-new AU script) I’m working on a new story that I’m hoping will be included in Psychosis! #2. (Oh yeah, here is as good a place as any to announce that while I had originally intended the two young girls from my first Psychosis! story, Never Judge a Book..., to be a stand-alone story, I’ve discovered that they will return, in, not just one more tale, but a series of stories. Seems these gals have taken on a life of their own. As of this moment, Matt Ryan (who drew the first story) and Melvin Ylagan (who panted the cover) are interested in continuing along with me as we explore who these young gals really are.

Oh, but the new Psychosis! story isn’t about them. I have to get this one done first, but don’t worry, the girls are coming along soon, and I’ll let you know when they are on their way!

Is that cool or what?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It was only the Election Day madness that interfered with my weekly Spidey Post. As always, this is fun stuff to read. If (unlike your humble blogger) you don’t own the original of this series, then you really owe it to yourself to be picking up these comics. Yeah, yeah, I get that the comic is split in two, and that it is on cheap newsprint (which, by-the-by, so was the original), but it is the foundation on which the entire Spidey mythos is based, and you are truly missing out if you don’t spring the .75 each week to snag yourself a copy.

If you want to know more about this particular issue, then you can go here and read a well-written review of the comic. Well, I’m at work now, so I’m going to make this short, except to say that yesterday I spoke briefly with GWP Creative Director Mark Mazz about Agent Unknown, and it looks like there will be a new installment of the series (the first in nearly two decades!) of the series that is (tentatively) scheduled for CAG #5 (assuming I can get him the script by the end of the week).

You are going to want to get in on the ground floor with this, so stick around effendi!

Monday, November 06, 2006

(Some) comics I've written.

I know that I’ve been chatting about both Psychosis! and Spider-Man in this space, But did any of you folks know that I actually have another comic to my credit (to be sure, Spidey isn’t a credit of mine, I’m just a Spidey-Geek, have been since I first discovered the Webbed one back when I was just seven years old — yep, that’s right, I was seven in 1962 when I first read Amazing Fantasy #15! Which means that I’ve been reading Spidey’s adventures for 44 years). Anyways, I have a nearly complete collection of Spidey comics (yes, including AF #15, and Amazing #s 1–the present day, with only a brief hiatus, which I’m now actively attempting to fill in. I also have most other issues of virtually all other Spider-Titles, as well as guest appearances, and the like).

But (as Peter David says) I digress.

Back in the mid-to-late ’80s I (albeit briefly) authored a comicbook series entitled Agent Unknown. The series was published by Deni Lobert’s Renegade Press imprint. The B&W espionage series only ran three (out of a possible six) issues, but it served as a powerful lesson for me in how to script a story, as well as was fun as Hell to write.

Well, as it turns out, one of the folks who truly enjoyed that series was Mark Mazz, who is not only a long-time friend of mine, but is currently serving as the Creative Director of Guild Works Productions, publisher of Psychosis! #1. Well, as you can already imagine, Mark has been pushing me (well, not so much pushing, as leading with that magic carrot) to revive the series which he wants to slot into a future issue of the C.A.G. (semi)annual.

If anyone out there cares (and the two or three of you who actually read AU) I’m happy to announce here first that AU will return to the world of publishing as I have one script already completed and am working on another (with yet two or three more plotted out in my head). I don’t know when these other stories will see print, but rest assured that they will.

As for non-AU material, I have more stories in the hopper for future issues of Psychosis! as well as material that I’m intending for other (as yet unannounced) GWP publications. So stay tuned to this spot, and learn more as it develops.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Your Weekly Spidey Post

Nope, I didn’t miss posting about Spidey in the NY Post this week, I was at the Kick-off Party for Psychosis which launched at Chiller Con in New Jersey this weekend, and was followed by our Indie Party at Twins Pub in NYC afterwards.

Well, you’ve waited long enough; here is this week’s Spidey cover.

Obviously this is not the original cover, but the new one that is used for the second half of each story.

Well, now that I have you attention, I wanted to say that while I’m not entirely certain that I’m going to like the world that is going to come out on the other side of Marvel’s Civil War event, but I have to tell you that I am really enjoying the stories that are taking us there. Sensational Spider-Man #31 was incredible, the story arc running thru Ms. Marvel 5-7 is chilling, and the Story in Amazing Spider-Man #535 was simply stunning.

It has been a long time in coming, but all of these stories are really compelling, especially the Civil War and Front Line series themselves.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

SpiderFan Totally Rules!

As many of you are sure to already know, not only am I a Spider-Man fan, but I am a staff reviewer and the Sr. Title Coordinator for Well, just recently I reviewed Marvel Team Up (Vol. 2) #7 Spider-Man and Blade, the Vampire Hunter. Only, after I had finished writing the review, I went to post it and discovered that someone else had already posted a review of that issue. So, instead of just tossing my own review out, I decided to post it here.


Marvel Team-Up V2 #7
TITLE: Sun-Walkers


Day-Walker Blade (the vampire hunter who, even though he himself is afflicted with the blood-borne disease, can nonetheless walk during the day) is tracking a specific vampire named Henry Sage, who has been injected with a formula that will finally allow the undead to also walk again by day. Blade has tracked him to NYC from New Orleans, where they both cross paths with the amazing Spider-Man.

Dawn at Empire State University finds Blade outside the building, looking to break into the building. He is talking to someone on the phone. Inside, is Peter Parker, who has fallen asleep inside one of the labs while studying for an exam. Peter is awaken by Jose, the janitor, who is killed moments later when he walks in on a vampire (whom we later learn is Sage).

Sage is injecting himself with a serum that will transform him into a Day-Walker like Blade. When Peter hears Jose’s death scream he changes into his Spider-togs and heads out to help. He discovers Sage hovering over Jose’s dead body, draining the old man’s blood. Spidey chases the vampire out of the building and fights him on the University’s grounds, as Blade watches.

Spidey manages to beat the vampire, and then webs him up, leaving him for the cops, who retrieve him and bring him to Riker’s Island. Blade follows his quarry to the jail, and then, with the help of a sympathetic cop, manages to secure Sage, and transport him out of the facility. Once he has the vampire outside, Blade stakes him out in the noonday sun and interrogates him about his ability to walk in daylight, and about the Day-Walker formula.

Next, we watch as Peter and Mary Jane attend Jose’s funeral along with his family. Later that night, Pete and MJ are watching TV when they see a report on Sage “escaping” from Riker’s with the “help” of Blade. Vowing to avenge Jose, Peter (knowing that Blade is from New Orleans) webs up and heads down to the Big Easy by hitching a ride on a box truck with Louisiana plates.

As it turns out, Blade is in fact, heading back to his base of operations in New Orleans with his captive. Once he arrives in the city, Spidey begins looking for Blade and Sage. Inside, Sage is strapped to a table while a team of scientists run tests on him. As this is going on, Sage relates his feelings about his dead wife (who was slain by vampires over 205 years ago) to Blade. For his part, Blade is having a difficult time believing that this vampire has any feelings for the formerly alive.

At this point, Spidey breaks in and attacks Blade. During their fight, Sage escapes, and Blade convinces Spidey that they need to team up to go after the escaped vampire. They track him to a cemetery where another fight breaks out and Blade kills Sage, who thanks the vampire killer. It his then that Blade realizes that while the Day-Walker formula allowed the night beast to come out during the day, it is what also resurrected his feelings for his departed wife, and eventually proved his undoing.

Given that this story is written by someone of the unarguable stature and ability of Marv Wolfman, it is surprising that it is so badly written. By this time, Spider-Man has already fought Dracula, and other vampires, including Morbius (not to mention the Frankenstein Monster, werewolves, demons, aliens mystical threats, and other non-scientific villains, that he can’t seem to get his head around that Sage is a vampire is something of a puzzle. Then Blade, in full regalia (complete with his swords and knives) is not only allowed on Riker’s, but is then allowed to enter a prisoner’s cell (alone) and then cart him away.

Spidey, rather than buy a plane ticket (ask for transportation from one of the many heroes he knows with such transport, or even buy a plane, bus, or train ticket) hops on top of a box truck and rides on the outside of the truck for the 20+ hour trip. Not to mention that no time frame is given for how soon after he was killed than Jose was buried (a day, a week?). The event is presented as if it happened that evening, which is stretching the bounds of storytelling I would say.


While I’m as big a fan as any of superhero team-ups (especially ones containing Spidey as part of the team) it is always something of a stretch to get Spidey, a home-town hero synonymous with the new York, to travel outside the city limits to hook up with outer heroes. And while it is fun to have unusual tram-ups, they really should work, this one, this time out, simply doesn’t.

I’m not a big Blade fan, nor do vampires do much to turn me on either. Still, this story seems to me little more than an exercise in allowing writer Marv Wolfman (creator of Blade, and former scribe on both Marvel’s Dracula and Spider-Man titles) to put two of his favorite characters together.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Never Judge a book...

So, you’ve heard me talking about my short story

Well, the story, Never Judge a book... is in Psychosis! well, I just want you all to know that I’m running a contest to win a copy of the comic. I’m giving away four copies of the comic (one of each cover) autographed by as many of the creators as I can get to sign them. For details on how to win one for your very self, go here and check in.

For those of you who don’t win, or simply don’t want to wait, go here and buy a copy of your own.

As you can expect, I’m really excited about the comic coming out. In fact, we’re having something of a kick-off party this weekend at Twins Pub in NYC, if you are in the area, come on by and stop in to say hello. I’ll be the one who is very excited (heh)


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Spidey! Spidey! Spidey!

Welp, here it is Sunday again, and our Friendly Neighborhood Wall Crawler is back in the NY Post once again to wrap up his throw-down with the Sandman. Yeah, I have all of these early adventures (all in their original printings), but I gotta tell you that I really love this stuff. Classic Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. I’m telling you man, this is why I got into comics in the first place.

Supperhero stuff really doesn’t get any better than this!

Enjoy Effendi!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Multiple covers for Psychosis! #1

The (Re)Orders are piling in!

OK, perhaps “piling” is a tad strong, but I just heard that Midtown Comics has just placed a (small) re-order for Psychosis! #1. and GWP Creative Director Mark Mazz couldn’t be happier (when I spoke to him, I think he was dancing a jig), meanwhile CAG President Keith Murphey is as giddy as a schoolgirl.

I also heard that of the four covers, the cover by Melvin Ylagan seems to be selling quite well in the brick-and-mortar stores, while the Meth cover is doing some serious business on-line.

Meanwhile, the Birds cover as well as the Wastrel Isle covers are also selling well. I’m not sure what any of this means, but it is interesting to watch the numbers.

So, if you are at all interested (and we know that you are) you should check into DimeStore Productions’s on-line store, and buy a copy (or four) of your very own.

Hope to see you all at the kick-off party. For more on all of this check out this post.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Back where he belongs!

That’s right folks, Spidey is still hanging out in the pages of The New York Post. His reprint adventures have moved from Thursdays to Sundays (apparently so that the corporate carpetbagger masters over at the Post can chisel another 25¢ out of us every week).

While I’m obviously not happy about the extra cash I’ll have to shell out every week, I’m still enjoying the presentation of this classic comic. Besides, I plan on giving the second set I’ve been collection to my 12-year-old nephew Tony-o and then selling/trading whats left over to a retailer I met last weekend at the East Hartford, CT comicbook show I went to with the CAG/GWP folks.

Which segues nicely into this next announcement. Psychosis! #1 is finally out! Yep, that’s right kids, you can hustle over to DimeStore Productions and order up a copy of your very own (there are four alternate covers, the cover that represents my story, entitled Never Judge a Book..., is the 1a cover.

Then enjoy!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Neither forgotten nor gone

I have it on good authority that Spidey’s comic has not been dropped from the NY Post, but rather been moved to Sunday (the better to get more cash out of those of us who are buying the paper just for the comic I’ll bet).

Anyway, don’t frett young’uns, just grab up the paper on Sunday for yer weekly, retro, Spidey Fix.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Snakes in a Plane Comicbook!

So I saw the film, and it was a hoot and a half (go here to find out how much I liked it). Sure, sure it was a “B” film, but everyone (including the cast and crew) going in, so no harm, no foul (ya gets whatcha pay fer). Well, I saw the film a while ago, but never got around to posting my review which should (finally) be up tomorrow. (Hey I wrote it shortly afterwards, I just haven’t been able to get to posting it).

Anyway, today I was in my favorite local comic shop (A Timeless Journey), and I found the comicbook adaptation of the film. Now, normally I shy away from comicbook adaptations of films, but only because I’ve been burned by them before (they hit all of the high points from the film, but have none of the power), plus as they are assigned way before the film is even produced, they very often suck.

Still, this is Snakes on a Plane, and I simply had to have the comic (besides, I go into Paul’s shop only once or twice a month, and I feel bad if I don’t buy anything from his, as he is always so nice to me and all). So I picked-up the two-issue Wildstorm comic, and while it wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the film, for me, it was a “must buy” scenario.

And I don’t care what Walt says, I’m entertained,and I think that the film will only grow bigger in the secondary market.

The comic comes in two flavors. Each issue has a photo cover (featuring Sam Jackson in all of his wicked-cool glory) and the second cover is a drawing of Sam Jackson in all of his wicked-cool glory. Me, I purchased the photo covers as I felt that hey were, well, cooler. Which is not to say that the art covers weren’t cool; I just liked the photo covers better. You can pick your own issue.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

CAG Rules!

You read that right, CAG (Comic Artists Guild) Rules. By-the-by, I’m not just saying that because I’m the newly-appointed Minister of MisInformation Director of Communications, (and Webmaster of the GPWGuild Works Productions — Web site), I’m saying that because it is flat-out true. As writers and artists we have joined together to form a sum that is greater than the individual parts. CAG offers us networking, friendship, and buddies with whom we can talk shop. I say again, CAG Rules!

Hold your applause, there’s more.

Well, last weekend I met with these guys in Middletown, CT we talked about the Psychosis! issue, as well as the formation of CAG-L.A. and CAG Lincoln, Nebraska, plus there was something of a re-org within the management structure.

Oh yeah, and (because it was my birthday), they not only got me a card, but a (cheese)cake as well. Thanks guys. I was so overwhelmed by it all, I forgot to take any pics, but I do have a scan of the card they gave me. Cute, huh?

Well, anyway, this weekend, we went up to East Hartford to partake in a comicbook show there. It was there that I (finally) scored an affordable copy of Amazing Spider-Man #36 V2, The World Trade Center edition. I think we are going back for the next show in December.

Next weekend, we’ll be back in NYC for a show there, and then perhaps in Milford on Oct 22nd for a show there (we’re still working out the details on that one). In the meantime, I’ve been told by Art/Editorial Director, Mark Mazz that Psychosis! #1 is at the printer, and we’ll have copies next week (if you want a sneak peak at ordering one, go to DimeStore Productions and Purchase Psychosis! #1 from them, or you can also order it (on-line or in person) from Midtown Comics or Jim Hanley’s Universe.

Oh yeah, here’s the card I got from the family.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

NY Post stops cover-promoting Spidey!

So what’s up with this? I just acquired the current (Thursday, Sept 28 edition) of the NY Post, and it is apparently no longer cover-promoting the inclusion of the Spider-Man Collective series edition contained within (and yes boys and girls, have no fear, but the Valued Spidey edition is inside).

I’m not sure what that all means, but so long as the comic is there, who really cares, eh?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hey, I’m all over the web, and it is not just me saying it. Seriously!

For a quickie interview with me by Mark Mazz (Art Director for the Comic Art Guild (CAG) and Guild Works Press) go here.

Then, for a walk down hero lane, you might want to check this link.

For more about CAG you will want to go here (no Perfessor, but hey, I posted it)

Oh, if you want to read my PopThought movie column you can go here and check out the archives.

For my Spider-Reviews (on SpiderFan) check out the list of what I’ve done.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

It’s My Party and I’ll Chase Supervillains if I want to!


Yeah, that’s right kids, today’s my birthday, and I’m 51, so that means that not am I currently older than I thought, I’m older than I thought possible! Plus, I’m old enough to be all of your dad (and for some of you, your Granddad).

Pictured is my daughter, standing in my office, holding my latest Spidey-Toy.

‘Aint Life Grand?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Spidey goes Medieval!

Yep folks, our webbed hero, Spider-Man is everywhere, even in Mystical armor in cyberspace. My son Dylan, plays WoW (World of Warcraft, and discovered someone wearing Spider-Man armor, no, seriously. He snapshotted the screen, and e-mailed it to me, because he knew that it was just the sort of thing that I would geek out over. I’m presenting those images below.

The first shot shows a full shot of the armor, while this second shot shows how much fun even mystical D&D-type characters can have while wearing Spidey Armor.

On the more mundane Spidey front, today is Thursday, and we once again have Spidey in the NY Post.

After some careful consideration, I’m of the opinion that last week’s glitch (Spidey appearing in Wednesday’s rather than Thursday’s paper) was a processing/production error on the part of the paper (holiday scheduling, or some such), hence the comic appearing this week on Thursday again.

I don’t know if there was any “official” explanation, but I’m going with that.

See you all next week!