Thursday, September 27, 2007

Catch the Craze!

Hey kids, I’ve become immortalized over at CatchdaCraze. That’s right, Craze interviewer the always lovely Michele St. Martin
took time at a a Big Apple Con over the Summer to chat me up. Well that interview has (finally) been posted, and well, you can listen to it yourselves.

Be prepared, though, the first 10 minutes of the ‘cast are comments by CatchdaCraze host Sam “The Man” Vera, which is followed by Michelle’s interview with me.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Search for Steve Ditko

Today, I’m turning over this forum to my good buddy Walt. He posted on CuppaCafe (the blogspace we share) a BBC broadcast — that currently resides on YouTube — of a British journalist’s search for the legendary and reclusive co-creator of Spider-Man, Steve Ditko.

As president of the local chapter of the Steve Ditko fan club, I was thrilled to watch.

Jonathan Ross searches for Steve Ditko


Friday, September 21, 2007

The Fear goes Overseas

Ghost-Brazil-1I wanted to share with the two of you who are actually reading this blog something very cool that recently happened to me. I’ve been published overseas. To be more precise, one of my short stories (specifically the story of mine that is going to appear in Psychosis! #2) has already appeared in a comicbook in Brazil.
Now, I haven’t seen it as of yet, but the artist, Fabio Turbay is from Brazil, and sent me a link to where the book is appearing on the Web. He also sent me a couple of copies of the comic itself, and although it hasn’t arrived, I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl!
To be sure, several years ago I had some reviews of mine published in a Canadian computer magazine, but this is simply way more cool. Ghost-Brazil-2

How it happened is kind of fun. You see, the artist , Fabio Turbay is a comicbook artist from Brazil, and he came to the U.S. to find comicbook work. Well, Fabio somehow hooked up with the Comicbook Artist Guild (of which I am a member), and then got assigned to illustrate my story.

Ghost-1When Fabio returned to Brazil, he (with my approval) submitted the story to a Brazilian publication, and, well, you can see the results. These pages are the first two pages in Portuguese, while the following two pages are those same two pages in English.

Psychosis! #2 is due out at the end of this month and I know that I — for one — am quite literally, chomping at the bit to see this story in print. Like my story for issue #1, I feel that it will (hopefully) take you by surprise.

A little while ago, I presented one of the four covers for Psychosis #2, a second cover appears here. Like last time there are a total of four covers for this issue. Wait until you see the one that illustrates my story. It will blow you away. It did me.

Psychosis! #2

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Cool Spidey Stuff

While we all collect stuff with our favorite character on it, I personally like to collect odd-ball stuff. Oh sure, I like figures, toys, games, and stuff, but I also like to find truly out-there kinds of things.

The images at which you are looking are porcelain light-fobs, that is to say, the thing that dangles at the end of a pull chain for a ceiling light.

I found them (there are two) on ebay, and yea, they are attached to the lights in my office. Now these are wicked-cool.

Monday, September 17, 2007

BK Spidey-3 Redux

So I stopped into my local BK the other day, and a guy there, Martin — a comicbook fan to whom I’ve spoken to on occasion — tells me that he has the Black costumed Spidey Standie from the BK/Spidey 3 promotion from earlier this year, and do I want to buy it off him? I said, of course and we settled on a price (cheap, if you ask me), so I met him at his house after his shift, and acquired it from him.

Is this the coolest, or what?
More cool Spidey stuff!

I have a friend who is (apparently) as goofy about Spidey as am I. Interestingly enough, this person is female. Yep. Apparently girls like Spidey too! Her name is Lori, and she keeps telling me about her massive collection of Spidey-related keychains. She is also planning on redoing her bathroom in a Spider-Man theme. (Hey, I told you she was goofy!)

Still, as if that wasn’t enough. She also has a Spidey tattoo on her ankle.

Then there is this marvel-related game book I spotted at CVS. Nope,I didn’t buy it, but I did take a picture of it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The (Brand) New Face of Fear

Here is the updated cover of Psychosis! # 2.

Art by Keith Murphey

According to Keith, in this revised version of the Meth cover we are presenting grimmer, more pissed off look. Apparently, this is what Shawnti was looking for nall along. Mark Mazz (our Creative Director) also moved the signature so people will actually be able to read Keith's name.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The New Face of Fear!

This is the first (of four) covers for the upcoming Psychosis! #2. This cover is by my good friend Keith Murphey, and it features Shawnti Therrien’s vampyre character, Meth.

Watch this space for more info as it is revealed.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Key of it All

As you all know by now, I have something of a Spider-Man fetish. I buy (and read) the comics (have a nearly-complete run of all new/original Spidey titles since 1962 (yep, including Amazing Fantasy #15).

In addition to collecting the comics I also like to acquire other Spider-related items. Yeah, I know that there are Spider-fans that collect the action figures and the high-end busts, and collectible stuff like that. Me, I kind of like collecting the low-end, cheap, odd stuff. Can’t tell you why, I just like those sort of things.

This post contains some images of some of the really coo, recent Spidey stuff that I’ve acquired over the past few months.

As you can see, the above items are Spider-Keys. Something that is both cool and practical. This next one is a typical toy. A Spidey flip car, also kind of neat.

And this last one is an update of an item that I actually acquired back when I was, well, much younger...

A Spider-Man Bob Bag. Now what’s cooler than that?