Sunday, September 29, 2013

Don’t be Thor...

Or you know, you can ignore the pun that’s coming up and prepare for the upcoming Thor flick that is due to hit the theaters on November 8th, like we are doing by acquiring an official Thor drink cup from participating Bow-Tie Cinemas.

Hey, who’s Thor now? 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

More publications from Main Enterprises

 As you all should know by now, I've been doing production and editorial work on several of Jim Main's very fine Main Enterprises publications. Most recently these have included Main Enterprises #10, Rock On: The art of Rock Baker, and Under Western Skies (there are more, but they aren't available as of yet).

MEP #10 is an anthology comic featuring the work of Roger Keel (Words) and John Lambert (Art, Letters and Colors) in Jack Banyon in City of the Winged Serpent, (part three).

Kid Psychodelic: Al Limacher (Story & Art) Rick Pilotte and the Limacher Twins (Inks) and everything else, Rick Pilotte.

A Man Called Buckthorne in Devils Tail: (Pt. 3), by Earl Martin.

Princess of the Trees (Chapter 2): again by Roger Keel (writer), and illustrated, lettered, and colored by Maya Andre.

With Betsy The Book Writer in Paget’s Island: which was written and penciled by Rock Baker, and inked and Colored by Jeff Austin.

Next up Was Rock On, an art book featuring the incomparable work of the amazing Rock Baker, This is a magazine-sized 80-page giant serving up some very special art from Rock. This volume offers up several selected pieces of inked works of Rock’s, most notably with his long-time associate Jeff Austin, along with a hoast of others, including Rusty Gilligan, Ken McFarlane, Scott Shriver, Dan Taylor, Jamie Chase, and Mike Kennedy. There are several never seen before pieces of art that are the illustrations of the TV show, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 

The book also features material from another Rock Baker project, entitled Crissy Carrots that was to have been a Main Enterprises comicbook featuring Rock’s character. Unfortunately that project just naver quite came together, but here in this volume are some character sketches as well as the first finished strip by Baker and Kennedy, previously unpublished.

Finally is the Magazine-sized art book Under Western Skies which features the stunning Western Art of John Lambert. This is a 12-page B&W book that shows off the amazing talent of John.

I hope that you all reach out to Jim ( if you were interested in ordering one of more of these fine publications.

A selection of Jim’s books can be found online at the Main Enterprises website, but your best bet is to reach out directly to Jim and chat him up.

OK, now that this is all done, I’m going to go back and work on The Del & Gold Key Collector #2 for Jim before he Gibb’s-Smacks me for goofing off.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Mission Accomplished: Owlgirls fully funded!

Well kids we did it! That’s right the Owlgirls comic that I'm writing (which was created by Rachele Aragno and art-directed by Dave Ryan), is a go!

We were looking for a mere $3,463.00 but what we managed to raise was a whopping $4,000.00! So as you can guess, I’m wicked excited that managed to squeeze in at least one stretch goal!

This was my first time running a Kickstarter campaign, and man, did I have fun...It made me a total nervous wreck, but yep I totally had fun creating and posting all the Memes that I did (I’ll have to repost ‘em here for you fine folks who didn’t get to see them on my Facebook page.)

I said it elsewhere but I’ll say it again, Thanks to both Rachele who let both Dave and I participate in her dream, and thanks to Dave for thinking of me that I would be able to rise to the task of actually bringing life to Rachele’s characters.

Also I would like to thank Joe Martino for all of his invaluable suggestions and advice as well as for his unflagging support as I started to unravel towards the end of the program.

The first issue is all done, Rachel and Dave are working on issue #2 (which I already wrote), and now I’m moving forward on scripting issue #3. Seriously kids, the best part of this ride is yet to come!