Friday, April 17, 2009

Free Comic Book Day is Coming!

I just wanted to remind everyone that Free Comic Book Day is coming (Saturday May 2nd). I was able to score a couple of early copies of free comics from my comics guy who surprised me yesterday with copies of Avengers (Marvel) and Bongo Comics (which contained a fun interior reference to Spider-Man).

The Avengers features a throw-down between two of the teems currently claiming to be Avengers (New and Dark) going up against Yimir the Frost Giant, and includes a special appearance by Thor. This story is written by Brian Michael Bendis, who turns in a very fine job, and is illustrated by Jim Chung and Mark Morales. I believe that it is a stand-alone, original story (that is to say not one that will show up in the regular continuity of whether New or Dark Avengers), but it is a part of the current continuity. In addition to being very well done, it has the added benefit of being a great peak into what kind of a match-up we can expect to see in the regular comics.

The Bongo comic is from their usual group of creators and is an equally well-done bit of Simpson and Futureama bit of absurdism. Personally it makes it makes me look forward to the the first Saturday in May every year.

As for me, I'll be at A Timeless Journey in Stamford in the morning, and then at Sarge’s in New London later in the day (both stores are in CT). Hope you all have fun.

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