Thursday, August 07, 2014

Dana Crumb has passed away

This was just passed along to me, and I was asked to share it:

Dana Crumb passed away last night in Ukiah Hospital in Ukiah, CA after an illness.

Dana was the first wife of Underground artist Robert Crumb and the author of Eat It! — a cookbook illustrated by Bob Crumb (among other titles). Dana was the first to distribute Robert’s books in San Francisco by walking the town with them stashed in a baby carriage in the 60s.

She was also prominently featured in Robert’s early books. Dana housed and fed many cartoonists in lean times (including many of the top names in the Under Ground Comix Community) and was a constant benefactor to her community.

John Orlando and his wife, Jill (who had been staying with Dana for the past year) are currently under her and her son Adam Crumb’s auspices.

Their generosity toward us and those before has been immeasurable