Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bring on the Bat Pooch!

By Robert J. Sodaro
OK Kids, Everyone has pets, right? Superman has Krypto, so doesn’t Batman deserve his own pooch? Apparently someone thinks he does...

Friday, March 10, 2006

Graphically Designed.

I just read the following in GD USA, one of the Graphic Design trade publications that I receive. DC Comics received the cover for the February issue (hey, I was on vacation, and just noticed it in my stack of “to read” stuff.) In the publication’s Seen and Noted section was this blurb:

Heroic Challenge

To keep the iconic hero fresh, DC Comics and Warner Brothers asked Little & Company to re-energize the Superman brand and keep it relevant to modern audiences. The resulting brand book helps Warner Bros. business units, licensees and mass merchandisers understand the essence and value of the brand, as captured through vintage and modern imagery and stylized language. The project dovetails with upcoming plans for the release of the movie, “Superman Returns.”

Personally, I was hoping for more, but that’s really all that there was. Anyway, an image of the cover can be found here" Needless to say, from some of the interior graphics (seen here in this post), it appears as if Little & Company have actually developed some sort of internal "branding" book that defines the new look.

Now wouldn’t that make for a cool collectible, eh?