Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mini Marvels @ Taco Bell

I just heard from Chris Gar that there are going to be Marvel mini comics (staring Chris’ Mini-Marvels) at Taco Bell. I heard this on Tuesday, and ran out to my local Taco Bell, only it had a different promotion (I’m guessing the out-going promotion). These things usually change on Friday, so I’m hoping that this weekend to score a set (Whoo-Haa! more funnybooks on Free Comic Book Day weekend! What could be better than this?

By what I can see it is going to be FF, Cap, Avengers and Thor.


OK, I just heard back from Chris, and he says that some Taco Bells are already distributing the comics while others haven’t seem to have gotten their shipments. So I’ll be monitoring this situation and let you know when I’ve acquired a set.

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