Friday, April 28, 2006

The Countdown to Civil War!

This is supposed to be a bigdeal event in the World of the Marvel Universe. I heartily suggest everyone check it out:

Yeah I’m a Spider-Geek and a Marvel Zombie. Like I care what you all think.

Monday, April 10, 2006

John Wilcox is Famous!

By Robert J. Sodaro
Have you ever wanted to be famous? Yeah, me too. Only, how to go about it has always been a question. Well, if you are a fan of the comicstrip Moose and Molly, you might have noticed a trend that been occurring over the past several months. There has been a name (more than one, even), which keeps cropping up in the strip.

Well, according to strip creator, Bob Weber, Sr. there are certain names that due to their unique alliteration sound funny (to Mr. Weber, anyway, and since it is his strip, who’s to argue?) so he keeps using them. One of these names is John Wilcox.

Well, the name John Wilcox isn’t a made-up name, it is the name of a real-life individual who is also a good friend of Weber’s. More than that, John Wilcox is a writer, photographer, comicbook colorist, musician, and cartoonist himself. (He has colored The Amazing Spider-Man, Excalibur, and Rom Spaceknight for Marvel, and has written and colored for several other major publishers, including Elvira, Little Archie, & Felix the Cat.

To date, John (or rather his name) has appeared five or six times in the strip. Some of those appearances have been here, here, and here. Evey indication is that he will appear again. For more about John, you can visit his Web site, or just keep reading Moose and Molly.