Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bring out your (un)Dead!

Hey folks, you need to check out this hot new blog by my good friend Shawnti Therrien, she is the creative force behind Am I Immortal, a wicked-cool Vampyre comic that I totally love. You need to read it (both the blog and the comic itself).

The book is great, and the blog is...well, every bit as good. Shawnti published the first two issues with Free Lunch Comics, but has not taken back full control of the book, and is going it solo, so she really could use your support.

Oh yeah, in case I didn’t mention it, the book is about Vampyres, and ties in with Meth, that appeared in Psychosis! (formerly under GWP, and soon to appear under Atlas Unleashed).

Got to jam now, but we’ll talk more about this soon.

Spidey on the Internet

So, has anybody seen Spidey lately?

From What? Everyone knows the Daily Bugles wages arent enough to afford a laptop. on CollegeHumor

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Referencing Spidey

OK, so I told you the other day, I attended the first annual NYC Big Apple/Wizard Con, and I told you all about what a cool time I had there (scoring some 30 Spidey comics in the process). well, I wanted to share this page from the Con’s program book:

I found it especially entertaining due not only to the Spidey reference, but, well, because it really was not only well-written, but witty and smart-alacky as well. Personally, I enjoy this sort of humor, and wished that more comicbook writers could tap into this vein.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Shine the Light

So, a couple of months back I acquired a Spidey Light-switch plate, but just recently got around to putting it up in my bedroom. It is a hand-done-one by a crafter that I saw at this year’s Norwalk Oyster Festival. It really is pretty cool:

And while I’m certain that I’ve already shared this image with you all, here is the store-bought Spidey light-switch cover plate that I’ve had for several years, that now is on the wall of my office:

If the guy comes back next year, I think I’m gonna get me some outlet plate covers as well.

Closing in on Amazing Spider-Man

So, in case you have missed much of what I’ve been posting about her for the past couple of years. I’m something of a Spider-Man fan. Yeah, I know, that was something of a surprise announcement. Anyway, I sort of have this hole in my collection (from like the end of 1995 to the beginning of 2001). I’ve been filling it in over the years since I returned to the industry (in ‘01), and well, needless to say, while I’ve been attempting to fill in all of the various Spider-Titles I missed during my absence, I’ve been concentrating on the Amazing Spider-Man title (the main title).

Well, this past weekend I scored a couple of more books in that run, bringing my total missing in that run to just 10 books. Now I know what you are thinking, these are probably the first 10 books, but, no, that’s not true. They are all from the ‘95–‘01 time frame (yep, I own Amazing Fantasy #15 & Amazing Spider-Man #1). As of this writing, the ASM titles I’m missing are ASM #431, ASM V2 #s 11, 16, 19-22, 24, 25, and ASM Annual 1999.

Not bad, eh?

Truth to tell, I’m having a tough time filling in these numbers because this was during the time period that Marvel was (quite literally) printing exactly as many copies of each issues as were ordered (“Oh, 1,000 copies were ordered? print 1,001.”), so while these issues aren’t particular valuable (or memorable), they are (apparently) exceedingly, rare.

I’m not at all concerned, as I know that they are out there, and I do intend to find them all. Then I’m going after all of the missing issues of the rest of the (non-reprint) Spidey comics, and then all of the various Spidey guest appearances in other comics. Yes, I know that is something of a chore, but you see, I actually own most of those comics already. I’m currently doing a count of what I’m missing, but I believe that it is probably around 100 or so issues. Not too shabby when you consider the 47-year publishing history of the character.

Friday, October 23, 2009


So I (finally) had lunch with Mark Fitch, who works over at Reed Exhibitions, and has a big hand in putting on the NY ComicCon. I met Mark some six months ago when I met him on the train platform as we were both headed into the kick-off event of Commicbook Happy Hour over at Dave & Busters in Times Square. (The Reed offices are a stone’s throw from my house — not that I would actually throw a stone at these guys).

Well, Mark was such an amiably guy that he not only offered me a beer on the train on the way in (he brought a six-pack with him and the crew from Reed), but he went with me to MidTown Comics to (try) and meet up with Chris Giarrusso who was doing a signing. Well, we wound up missing Chris (his signing was later than we originally believed), but we did have a nice chat.

Several more chats later, I introduced him to Mark Mazz and we put down a deposit for a table at ComicCon 2010 for Atlas Unleashed. Anyways, Mark F. & I kept talking about having lunch, and we both finally managed to link up our schedules.

he took me on a tour of the Reed offices, and introduced me to several of the key personnel, which is when I discovered that an old business associate of mine is also working up there as well. Well Georgette (my friend) talked to me a bit about some further business that Atlas Unleashed could do with ComicCon.

More on that as it develops. In the meantime. Here is a cool button that is for Reed’s upcoming Chicago show, C2E2.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grok This!

If you ever read any classic-era Sci-Fi (specifically the works of Grand Master, Robert A. Heinlein, especially, his seminal work Stranger in a Strange Land), then you’ll understand what the title of this column is. If you don’t, well then — bummer, dude. However, if you do “Grok” then I want to tell you about a new blog column that I am writing.

Some time back I was invited by Eric Lopkin, an associate of mine, to contribute to his media site, Media Connection Online, and I agreed.

The MediaConnection site covers pop culture with a focus on movies, television, comic books, books, toys and games. The mission of MediaConnection is to spotlight quality material and bring independent work to the attention of our readers.

MediaConnection itself was originally launched in 1990 as a newsletter that was distributed through the various online bulletin board systems including Compuserve, GEnie, and America Online. Eventually, MediaConnection grew to include a print magazine in 1995 and The MediaConnection Pop Culture Expo in 1998.

Today, the MediaConnection online network includes news about pop culture and a gallery of independent artists, including, well, your humble narrator.

At any rate, in my blog, I talk about aspects of the comics industry from my unique and dubious perspective of having been an insider who has sat most of the past 30 years on the sidelines of the industry, while participating in it as both a pro and a fan.

Anyway, I invite you to jump over to the blog, and check out what I have to say there.

Thanks once again for indulging me in my deluded ramblings.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If only I had gone to college

Just found this very funny on-line comic, and the strip that I landed on was very entertaining, so I had to share it.

The Strip is called Amazing Superpowers:

As you can see, the strip is slyly ironic, and the punch line sort of sneaks up on you.

I paged through several of them, and they are all equally fun and entertaining.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spider-Woman, the Motion Comic (for FREE!)

So, you say you just love your iPhone, especially because you can do wicked-cool stuff like download Spider-Woman The Motion Comic. Well, bad news for all of you folk who paid to download it. Now that the first season is over, it is now being posted on Hulu for free.

Who says things don’t come to those who wait? Eh?

However, there is a “catch” of sorts. Seems that Spider-Woman is a “mature” feature and thus you need to have a Hulu account (all you have to do is sign up for one and your in, so it is no big deal).

Oh, the motion comic follows the comic, and is pretty cool, at least as far I’ve read thus far.

News from the Front

As I mentioned, I spent yesterday in New York at the Big Apple Wizard comic show. While I was there IO picked up a pair of very important comics from a pair of very talented friends of mine, James Rodriguez (The Chronicles of Sara) and Shawnti Therrien (Am I Immortal). Shawnti is the VP Production at Atlas Unleashed, and James is not only the driving force behind NovaStar Studios (they produced the Belkis Calendar I’ve been raving about all year), but he just drew a story of mine slated to appear in an upcoming Atlas Unleashed publication.

James issued a 16-page ashcan of his up-coming sci-fi comic The Chronicles of Sara, while Shawnti had on hand a copy of her comic Am I Immortal from Free Lunch. While I have yet to actually read either, I have read the first issue of Am I Immortal, and I’ve been watching James slave over his book for the past several months, so I already know that both books will be totally awesome.

James’ ashcan is just two bucks while Shawnti’s goes for $3.50. You can score a copy of The Chronicles of Sara and Am I Immortal by going to their respective websites, and asking, or by hunting up these two talents at funnybook shows in and around the tri-state area.

Oh, the Sara ashcan has two very cool covers, so I thought I’d nshow you both.

Big Apple/Wizard World NY ’09

Well kids, I just came back from the first-ever, Big Apple Wizard show, and let me tell you that I had a heckava time.

I met my buddy Mark Mazz in the City, and we had breakfast, then trudged into the show where were comped in courtesy of Peter Katz of Big Apple (Thanks Pete) then we spent much of the morning wandering around the show, meeting old friends, and checking out the sites.

After a while we wound up in Artists’ Ally, where we hung with old friends, before meeting up with Ed Pereira, and having lunch with none other than Linda Hamilton (Terminator), Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek), John Schnider (Dukes of Hazard/Smallville), and Todd Bridges (Diff’rent Strokes).

And no, I’m neither kidding or exaggerating in the slightest. These stars and us (along with pal Keith Williams) sat around for a bit of time eating and swapping stories about our kids and stuff (Nichelle told us how Lt. Uhura got her name).

This was seriously the best con that I’ve attended in quite some time (not to mention that I scored some 30 Spidey titles in my on-going effort to complete my entire run of every original Spidey story and appearance published.

Now it is bed time. Tomorrow is another day.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Let’s hear it for G-Man!

Yesterday (or was it Wednesday?) I acquired my copy of issue #3 of G-Man: The Cape Crisis, and I want to say that it is still consistently the best comic on the market today. It is fun, entertaining, not predictable, and easily accessible to a younger audience while not insulting the intelligence of older readers.

What more could you ask for in a comic?

I mean, seriously? the art is wonderful the story is exciting, and I’m enjoying the heck out of this comic. It really is one of only a couple of comics that I eagerly await each month.

In this episode, we have Great Man selfishly selling pieces of the magic cloth that give Great Man and G-Man their powers (thus disrupting the power source), while G-Man and his friends are working with the Wizard, Glendolf, attempting to recover the pieces before there is a magical power inversion which could cause untold harm to both boys as well as to the many people who were tapping into the mystical power.

There is even a chilling cliff-hanger at the conclusion of this issue, which just goes to show how you can have a thrilling story without going all “gritty” on the readership.

As with previous issues, Chris has some of his cartoonist buddies pen a couple of back-up stories to help round out the issue. Oh yeah, there is also a cameo with Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon (G-Man ran as a back-up feature in Savage Dragon for several issues).

If you haven’t yet picked up G-Man, then you need to do so. If your shop doesn’t carry the comic, you need to tell them to do so, seriously. You’ll be glad you did.

The Official Index to the Marvel Universe #10

If you hit your local comic shop this Wednesday you will have found The Official Index to the Marvel Universe #10. This is notable because I am contributing to it (have been contributing to the series since issue #2).

While you may not think that this is a big deal (and I’m sure that you do), I am enjoying my run on the title. (Hey, I get to write about my favorite character for the company that owns him, as I write the official history of that character. What could be cooler than that?)

Anyway, the new issue is out, and if you’ve already acquired your copy, and are attending the NY Big Apple/Wizard show this weekend, and run into me, I’ll be happy to autograph it for you.

See you at the show!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wiki this!

So, about a quarter century or so ago, I worked in the video/computer gaming field. I was the managing editor for Videogaming Illustrated, and Ahoy! (a magazine for Commodore 64 users), Shortly after leaving that post I contributed freelance gaming reviews to other computer gaming magazines, including Run.

Why do I mention this, because I just found this — rather oblique — reference to myself on the Wikipedia entry for the electronic game, Mercenary. I should note that I don’t ever remember playing this game or writing this review, but I guess I did, because, well, here it is as posted on Wikipedia.

How cool is that?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Say it ain’t so!

This just in...RRap singer, Method Man was (earlier this month) apparently arrested for tax-evasion, for failing to file returns from 2004 to 2007 and consequently owing over $30K. Interestingly enough (according to Pop Culture Shock), when arraigned, Method was apparently reading a comic book during his hearing.

Dressed in a graphic-print black leather jacket, a white T-shirt, jeans and white sneakers, the 6 foot, 4 inch Smith held an “Ultimate X-Men” graphic novel behind his back, apparently holding his page with his thumb, at his arraignment in Stapleton Criminal Court yesterday.

That sure is a detailed description, lol, but I wish they would’ve told us which volume he was reading though — because I kept hoping for Meth’s sake it was of the first 2 volumes and not one of the watered down, post-Millar stories (which would’ve made for an even less enjoyable hearing…)

I mean it is bad enough that he is getting locked up for failure to pay his taxes, but to separate him from his funnybooks. That’s cruel and inhuman punishment!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Marvel Figurines

OK, I’ve been collecting these little Marvel figurines for a while. The characters come in a little plastic “egg,” are dispensed from a “Gum Machine,” and sell for a buck. Only I have duplicates.

I’ve been tapping machines located in my local comicbook shop, my local theater, and (just this past week), one located in Forbidden Planed in NYC.

Problem is (as stated) I have extras, and I’m still missing at least three that I know of (Doc Ock, “Backwards-leaning” Spidey and one as yet undermined figure from group #2 (I have all of the first set)

I understand that there is a new set coming out in December, so I really want to secure all of the figures from set #2 before the new set appears.

Anyone out there have one of these machines near you, and have figures that I don’t have?

Oh, as you can see, I have an extra Hulk from the first set, as well as extras from the current set (refer to the photos to see how many and of what figures). I’m willing to trade for rthe ones that I’m missing.

Monday, October 12, 2009


According to the online Urban Dictionary a “Jobnik” is:

Israeli slang for a non-combatant soldier who serves his nation by doing secretarial work, clerking, counting inventory, or some other "job"-like function. Generally used with a hint of derision, as if the jobnik is lazier than a fighter.
Female form: jobnikit.
Plural form: jobnikim.
You want to be a jobnik? That's gonna be so boring, doing that for three years.

However, for the purposes of this post, Jobnik is the name of a thoroughly engrossing comic that tells the story of a US-born gal named Miriam Libicki, who emigrated to Israel, and then enlisted in the Israeli military.

The slice-of-life story that Miriam tells is honest, and, well, often unflattering to Miriam herself. Part of this is due to Miriam herself, many of her qualities seem to make her unsuited for Israeli De fence Forces (IDF) life: her Hebrew isn’t that good, she is very shy and passive, and she has a tendency to fall in love with anyone with a pulse that pays attention to her. If that weren’t enough, the Al Aqsa uprising, (A.K.A the second Palestinian Intifada), erupts a few weeks after she is stationed as a secretary in a remote Negev base. The story follows Miriam as she attempts to survive threats of terrorism, the rough IDF culture, and not least, her horrible taste in men.

I first learned about this comic when my Father-in-Law showed me an article about it in a Jewish newspaper, and then I met Miriam at a MoCCA convention and purchased some of her comics. Well, at this year’s MoCCA, I met her again, and bought more. The comic is well worth the investment and the story is both compelling and highly readable. Miriam does not sugar-coat what happens in her life, and that is what makes it even more compelling.

If you are Jewish, or if you just like autobiographical comics, then you should seek out Jobnik. There is now a graphic novel collecting the first six issues (she is up to seven issues in the series), as well as a number of “ancillary” comics that Libicki has published, that also make for good reading, and I highly recommend them all.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Marge Simpson in Playboy!

By now I’m assuming that everyone has heard the news! The latest Hollywood Celebrity to take off her clothes and pose nude for Playboy is none other than Marge Simpson.Yes, you read that right Marge Simpson and no, I don’t mean Julie Kavner who voices the cartoon character, but Marge herself!

LOS ANGELES: The latest celebrity to shed her clothes for the adult magazine ‘Playboy’ is none other than Marge Simpson, the loud mouthed yellow heroine of the cult cartoon series ‘The Simpsons’.

Marge, a mother of three, graces the magazine’s cover, which boasts the tagline ‘The Devil in Marge Simpson’, reported The cartoon character is seen sitting naked on a bunny chair in the photograph, with her hair piled up in her trademark style.

Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner had hinted at the surprise cover saying, “Marge Simpson has a surprise for her fans in the November issue of Playboy.”

Marge will feature in a three-page spread, posing in a bunch of cartoon lingerie complete with an interview and data sheet. The issue comes in the celebration of the cartoon’s 20th anniversary. The show, which is the longest-running primetime series on TV after ‘Gunsmoke’, debuted in 1989.

Still you have to wonder why anyone would buy a copy of playboy to see Marge nude, when all you have to do is do a Google search for "Marge Simpson Nude" And you’re sure to get about a trillion or so hits.

Still, I’ll just bet that this particular issue of Playboy goes into second and third printings.

The Perfessor

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Funnybook Friends

So, this past Thursday I went to a funnybook event in the city (NY Comic Cob's “One year out” bowling event) and met up with a bunch of my funnybook friends. While there, not only did my good buddy and artist on Springload & Renegade, Chris Torres, show up (and we chatted about where the characters are going), but Chris laid on me a box of Spidey cereal.

Seriously, he somehow still had his hands on an unopened box of Spider-Man I cereal. Which is really cool, because while I had purchased this cereal at the time (back on ‘01 or so), I never actually kept the box (I know, silly me, eh?)

Anyway, Chris had this box sitting around (yes, unopened),and well, figured that I’d really enjoy it. No, I’m rather certain that I’m not going to eat the cereal, but it is still cool to have.

Anyway, while at the event, I did meet up with a number of other folks, and came away with this very cool giveaway, a book by Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth), entitled The Strain (he co-wrote the book with Chuck Hogan). Well, now I have something on my reading list other than funnybooks.

I love these guys at NY Comic Con, as they certainly know how to build a following.

Well, next week is the Big Apple, Wizard show, and I’m also looking forward to that, but I still wnat to see how well those guys do. They have a ways to go to meet up with the bar that has been set pretty high by NY Comic Con.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Media comics tie-ins

For quite some time I’ve been espousing the thought that it would be a good idea for comics to explore other genres — no, I’m not quite ready to give up on superhero funnybooks, but even I can see that we have been boxing ourselves into a corner for decades, and it is time to expand the fold.

It is for this reason that I have been eagerly looking forward to Boom! Studios Die Hard comic. As someone who loved all of the films (sure they are preposterous, but they certainly are a good time), I had actually pitched the idea for a Die Hard comic (to another publisher, to be sure). It is nice to know that my instincts are good.

This comic is a “year one” concept. That is to say, it goes back to when John McClane is a rookie NYC beat cop, and looks at his initial exploits. I’ll be honest. The first issue is all about set-up, and seems to start off very slowly (no one dies, no explosions, no Yippie-ki-ayy nothing).

Still, it is too early to declare it a misfire, I’m in for the first story arc, if only to see where it is going to go. I suggest that you folk take the leap with me, if only because I actaully see McClane as an American James Bond, with the possibility of becoming a franchise that can out-live it’s original actor. Hey, there are those of us who thought that no one could replace Sean Connery, but there have been a buncha guys who have stepped into those shoes over the past 45 years. I sincerely believe that the same could be said for McClane.

At some point Bruce Willis will become too old for the role, but there is no reason to say that the character can’t survive without him (need I point to Star Trek?)

Another Boom! comic that I just picked up, was 28 Days Later. I liked both films, and (in spite of zombies being all the rage these days), I thought that I’d give this title a spin.

This first issue seems OK, and plays well with the established time line of the films. Plus I like how the writer is playing the characters (everyone always thinks that they can handle the relentless pursuit of zombies). Again, here only time will tell how well it fares.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sticker fun

So, when you go to the doctor’s office, you get a sticker (except when you go to the dentist, and he gives you candy, so your teeth will rot, you'll get more cavities, and you’ll come back for additional work — sly dogs those dentists). Anyways, I was at the Dr. yesterday (no biggie, everything is good), and while I was there, I noticed that they had a number of funnybook -related stickers, so I helped myself to all that applied.

Hence I’m presenting them here for your viewing pleasure.

Have fun (now that they are scanned, I’m going to peal and place them in “appropriate” places (in my office fool! keep it clean!)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Everyone Loves Archie!

A couple of months ago (in Archie #600), Archie publications kicked off a six-issue storyline that had Archie marrying Veronica. In #603 the story goes for three more issues exploring a Archie/Betty wedded life. According to the company, the storyline brought world-wide attention back to the perennial teen (who first hit the stands in December of 1941.

The minaj a trois is the result of a storyline that has Archie traveling down memory lane, and taking first one fork and then the other, so as to get both sides of the marital issue.

Jon Goldwater, co-chief executive of Archie Comic Publications estimates that the first part of the story line sold some hundreds of thousands of copies. According to sources, the sales of #600 come in at just over 54,000 (by contrast,issue #597 sold around 2,500 copies. These numbers do not account for newsstand, supermarket

“This has really pushed ‘Archie’ into the consciousness of everyone’s mind,” Mr. Goldwater said. The plotline was mentioned on everything from the BBC to the “Late Show With David Letterman” to “The Rachel Maddow Show” and in newspapers worldwide. The response in India was especially enthusiastic, and so “Archie” will now be printed in five languages there. Archie Comic Publications plans to open its first international office in New Delhi next year and is also preparing some exclusive comics for that market that will include Indian characters.ket and international sales of Archie.

The marriage story arc has been written by Michael E. Uslan (executive producer of the Batman films) and illustrated by Stan Goldberg (a longtime Archie illustrator).

Neeedless to say it is the hope of the company for this “relaunch” of Archie and his gang may help launch the characters into feature films or even a new animated series. Archie Publishing has recently signed with Creative Artists Agency to represent the gang in Hollywood. Then, on the print side, the publisher is joining with the fellow comic-book publishers IDW and Dark Horse for several collected editions, in softcover and hardcover. IDW will reprint Archie newspaper strips, as well as best-of volumes devoted to the work of longtime Archie artists like Dan DeCarlo and Stan Goldberg.

Starting next year, Dark Horse will publish archive editions of Archie that begin with his first appearance in Pep Comics #22 in December 1941.

For more on this story go here.

Facebook for Superheroes

I just saw this today, and had to put it up here. It is a bit that imagines if Superheroes spent as much time on Facebook as did the rest of us, and what kinds of things they would post.

I especially love the Spider-man bit:

As it turns out, the best part of the article (in its original post) is that if you click on the various entries, you link to a web page that explains each of the various references.


Sunday, October 04, 2009

Another Blast from the Past

The other day I came across this badge that my son, Dylan acquired on our trip to Universal’s Marvel Island Adventure a couple or three years back. I’m not sure why he got one and I (apparently) didn’t, nor am I certain where it has been hiding out for the intervening years, but now that I’ve (re)discovered it, and he is off at Syracuse University (and long since stopped caring about anything Spidey-related), I have co-opted it, and am now hanging it in my office — amid all my other Spidey stuff.

I know that he doesn’t mind, and, well, It keeps me thinking about him (not that I really needed a trinket to remember my son). One of the things I acquired on that trip was a Spidey tank top, and, well, a couple other Spidey things, I’m sure. One of those items was a Marvel/Universal comicbook (Universal Studios: Marvel Superhero Island Adventures) Which I reviewed for SpiderFan.

Still, I’m enjoying having the badge hanging around, and, well, I’m really looking forward to going back to the Universal Theme Park, only, now that Disney has purchased Marvel, Lock Stock and Stan’s toupee, I’m wondering if we can expect for the Marvel Characters to be evicted from Universal and wind up in Disney’s Theme Parks any time soon.

Friday, October 02, 2009


My Spidey coffee cup is broken!

To be more accurate, one of my (five) Spidey coffee mugs is broken.

I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but I can only assume normal wear-and-tear did it. Apparently the cup (which is probably 20 years old), just got banged around one too many times, formed a chip, and now leaks.

I discovered the chip this morning when close to half of my coffee leaked out before I was able to drink (or transfer) the coffee.

Needless to say, I won’t so much be be “retiring” this cup, as putting it out to pasture. I'm probably going to keep it either in my office or bedroom and use it to collect coins, pencils, or other small items that gather around but you really don’t have any place to put them (but can’t throw them out).

I’d appreciate it if you could all take a few moments to remember the good times I had with the cup.

Bounty Hunter, The War of the Independents, and

About a hundred years ago, I agreed to lend my characters, the Wülf Girlz to this artist that I had just met named Dave Ryan, to participate in a Independent-style Civil War. Well, I thought that it was kind of a cool Idea and all, so I agreed.

To be sure, not much more has been seen of the Girlz, the War (or Dave, for that matter), but I have met some cool friends because of the War, one of them is this Sean Koury fellow who has a character called Bounty Hunter, and, well, I’m currently working on a team-up of the Girlz and his character (no, really I am).

Well, I just learned that Bounty Hunter has teamed up with The Living Corpse for a War of the Independents tie-in that is slated to appear in issue # 8, 9 or 10 (not sure which). Apparently it is a fun book, and you can get issues 0-6 and the Annual with Hack/Slash for 15.00 bucks off the website.

Well, here is the Bounty Hunter/Living Corpse page, which I think looks pretty neat, and is inspiring me to finish off the Bounty Hunter/Wülf Girlz prose story that I I told Sean I’d do.

So now I’m going to have to actually get down to it and do the work. (then of course there is that Wülf Girlz/Hell’s Blood Team -up I told Hector Rodriguez I’d do.

In the mean time, here is a page of Wülf Girlz art (illustrated by my new artist, Rick Lundeen), that will appear in an upcoming Atlas Unleashed Newsletter (due to be distributed at the upcoming Big Apple Con).

Thursday, October 01, 2009

G-Man is in Greensboro, NC!

I just heard that Chris Giarrusso along with several other cartoonists (Art Baltazar, Jacob Chabot, Brian Smith, and Gregg Schigiel) all of whom have back-up comic strips in Chris’s on-going Image Comic, G-Man will be signing special variant issues of G-Man #2 in Acme Comics on October 24 from 10 A.M. – 7 P.M. (Acme Comics is located on Lawndale Drive in Greensboro, NC).

G-Man is similar in structure to the Mini Marvels that Chris does over at Marvel (and is perhaps best known for), only G-Man is his own character, and has been appearing in back-up strips in Image comics.

If you haven’t been buying G-Man, you really should. It is one of the coolest comics currently being published.

Oh yeah, and if you love the Mini-Marvels, and want to collect them all in one place, then you are in luck, as Marvel just announced a new collection of Mini Marvels, that is due out in December ($19.99).

The book is all-ages fun that features the wild and crazy kid counterparts to Marvel’s greatest heroes! Featuring Spidey, Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk and more Marvel favorites! ALL your favorite Mini Marvels adventures collected in one hilarious and action-packed collection! Plus: Spidey gets in over his head when he babysits Power Pack, but he gets by with a little help from his AMAZING FRIENDS Iceman and Firestar!

Belkis in October

Well, here it is the beginning of October and well, it is time to continue our year-long study in Belkis, my favorite, Marketing pro, model, and well, (just recently) client. This month’s image is brought to us courtesy of my pal Ray Felix.

The focal point of Ray’s Art combines his childhood superhero fantasies with a powerful erotic twist that is liberally flavored with American politics and religious dogma. At 17, he (like many of us) wanted to become a comicbook character. As a young artist he was living a detached existence from the real world. In a sense it was a survival mechanism from growing up in the Bronx and a reaction to being raised in a religious cult. Having given up on ever becoming an actual carton, his current goal as an artist is to transport the viewer to a fictional comic world of his creation. Since becoming a freelance teaching artist in various prisons in the New York area, Ray attempts to convey his interpretation through his comics and paintings as to how he reconfigure the details of this so-called reality and brings his viewers to contemplate his personal view of the world according to him. Since the events of 9/11and the vast conspiracies surrounding the event have come to flourish, his work has grown to pantomime the political circus that consumes mainstream media here in America.

If you are still interested in acquiring NovaStar Studios, Fantasy Art Calendar (featuring Belkis), you can contact James Rodriguez (who put the whole thing together) over at his site, and while you are there, ask him about his up-coming sci-fi comicbook. You can even stop by and see him at the upcoming Wizard World/Big Apple con later this month.