Thursday, August 07, 2014

Dana Crumb has passed away

This was just passed along to me, and I was asked to share it:

Dana Crumb passed away last night in Ukiah Hospital in Ukiah, CA after an illness.

Dana was the first wife of Underground artist Robert Crumb and the author of Eat It! — a cookbook illustrated by Bob Crumb (among other titles). Dana was the first to distribute Robert’s books in San Francisco by walking the town with them stashed in a baby carriage in the 60s.

She was also prominently featured in Robert’s early books. Dana housed and fed many cartoonists in lean times (including many of the top names in the Under Ground Comix Community) and was a constant benefactor to her community.

John Orlando and his wife, Jill (who had been staying with Dana for the past year) are currently under her and her son Adam Crumb’s auspices.

Their generosity toward us and those before has been immeasurable



I send my condolences. <3

Chamberpaint said...

When Wilson introduced me to Dana in 2000, we became instant friends. Our mutual admiration society was fueled by her hilarious, erudite letters, lengthy phone calls, and occasional visits. She was a force of nature, and a fiercely loyal friend. I visited her in Potter Valley two times, driving over that mountain at 5mph around frightening hairpin turns, thinking on my first trip there that I should just turn back, and wait for daylight, but figured instead that if Dana could do it then so could I. Dreading that first return trip, I stayed a day longer than I'd planned! Our phone calls became fewer in the past couple of years as her health worsened, and I became so busy taking care of my husband (and her old friend) S. Clay Wilson. I kept in touch by sending her occasional photos, with updates on how he was doing. But our phone calls became fewer as rarely answered the phone any more. She was frequently in pain, and didn't feel like talking, which I understood. I last spoke with her after the holidays, unaware of how much time had really gone by. I feel terrible about that, wishing I had been more attentive while simultaneously not wanting to be a bother. I have kept her brilliant, funny letters, and will wish more were coming in the future. She was a real original. I will miss her terribly...even though I already did long before she passed. She had a wicked sense of humor, and was generous even when she couldn't afford it. I loved her and am grateful for the years we had as friends, even though they were too few.

Chamberpaint said...

Dear Blog Author: was there something wrong with my comments about Dana, written yesterday? Or have you just not bothered to approve them yet? I am appalled that there has been nothing but your impersonal news feed about this incredible woman. I have found nothing on Google, no obituary, no article in a newspaper. She deserves so much more. I contacted the Chronicle, but have not even received the courtesy of a reply. I feel quite emotional about this. Dana was a true original, with a dry sense of humor. She was a fiercely loyal friend, yet when faced with an adversary, could express herself with articulate, frequently humorous outrage and a sense of the absurd. She was generous even when she couldn't afford it, was a talented writer and humorist, and accepted all manner of misfits, malcontents, & oddballs with an open heart. On the other hand, she was no pushover, and could be a formidable adversary if anyone did her or any close friend an injustice. I treasure the letters she wrote to me, and wish I could expect to receive more for many years to come. She was too young to go, but was likely exhausted from suffering so many years in debilitating pain. I hope someone will write a real tribute to this unforgettable woman. She was a real character, and I'll always wish she could have stuck around a lot longer. My world is a certainly colder without her in it.

Robert Sodaro said...

@Chamberpaint I apologize for the delay in getting your comments posted. I've been away for a while and hadn't been properly monitoring this site. I assure you that the information on Dana Crumb is correct as I heard it from a friend of mine who had been living with her.

I've been further informed that the "official" Obituary is being delayed so that her children can properly compose it.

Tesa G said...

Dana was a funny, loving woman. Will miss her

Andie Fox said...

I just found out this morning that she had passed. My family lived with Dana in her little cabin in the property for some time. She was a wonderful woman and she was such a delight to have in my life. Rest in peace dear Dana. Thank you for gifts in my life and the laughter you have brought and fond memories

Robin Lilly said...

Hi this is a friend of Adam I am so sorry that I am late to give my condolences! Adam if u see this its Robin from Hwy 36...Barbra's Place ...Coles Woman Dinsmore...Lenny....we lost Cole in 08' and Lenny in 09' my Email is my daughters and I are in Arcata if u ever need anything... Bless!

Robin Lilly said...
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