Monday, October 09, 2006

Back where he belongs!

That’s right folks, Spidey is still hanging out in the pages of The New York Post. His reprint adventures have moved from Thursdays to Sundays (apparently so that the corporate carpetbagger masters over at the Post can chisel another 25¢ out of us every week).

While I’m obviously not happy about the extra cash I’ll have to shell out every week, I’m still enjoying the presentation of this classic comic. Besides, I plan on giving the second set I’ve been collection to my 12-year-old nephew Tony-o and then selling/trading whats left over to a retailer I met last weekend at the East Hartford, CT comicbook show I went to with the CAG/GWP folks.

Which segues nicely into this next announcement. Psychosis! #1 is finally out! Yep, that’s right kids, you can hustle over to DimeStore Productions and order up a copy of your very own (there are four alternate covers, the cover that represents my story, entitled Never Judge a Book..., is the 1a cover.

Then enjoy!

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