Monday, October 02, 2006

Snakes in a Plane Comicbook!

So I saw the film, and it was a hoot and a half (go here to find out how much I liked it). Sure, sure it was a “B” film, but everyone (including the cast and crew) going in, so no harm, no foul (ya gets whatcha pay fer). Well, I saw the film a while ago, but never got around to posting my review which should (finally) be up tomorrow. (Hey I wrote it shortly afterwards, I just haven’t been able to get to posting it).

Anyway, today I was in my favorite local comic shop (A Timeless Journey), and I found the comicbook adaptation of the film. Now, normally I shy away from comicbook adaptations of films, but only because I’ve been burned by them before (they hit all of the high points from the film, but have none of the power), plus as they are assigned way before the film is even produced, they very often suck.

Still, this is Snakes on a Plane, and I simply had to have the comic (besides, I go into Paul’s shop only once or twice a month, and I feel bad if I don’t buy anything from his, as he is always so nice to me and all). So I picked-up the two-issue Wildstorm comic, and while it wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the film, for me, it was a “must buy” scenario.

And I don’t care what Walt says, I’m entertained,and I think that the film will only grow bigger in the secondary market.

The comic comes in two flavors. Each issue has a photo cover (featuring Sam Jackson in all of his wicked-cool glory) and the second cover is a drawing of Sam Jackson in all of his wicked-cool glory. Me, I purchased the photo covers as I felt that hey were, well, cooler. Which is not to say that the art covers weren’t cool; I just liked the photo covers better. You can pick your own issue.

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