Sunday, July 15, 2018

Incredibles 2 @ McDonald’s!

So, a week or so back I watched Incredibles 2 and I want to report that it is every bit an entertaining film as was Incredibles. Quite literally picking up immediately at the end of the original film. it was a huge treat to watch this film and know that Director Brad Bird did an amazing job on maintaining the quality of the first film.

According to reports, Stan Lee remarked that the original film was the best Fantastic Four film that he never wrote; which is pretty high praise considering that there have been four live action films (including the first one in ‘94 that was never released theatrically) as well as two animated films (plus an animation TV show or two).

Further (and you may not know this part), there was a “stealth” cameo by “Mr. Excelsior” himself in the new film (seen below):

This scene appears like two-thirds through the film (I spotted it immediately, others didn’t, so I totally win here 😊).Oh, but to the point of this post. For the past few weeks, there have been Incredibles 2 toys at McDonald’s, and I’ve managed to acquire nine of the ten toys (I’m currently missing Mr. Incredible, but I hope to snag him in the next couple of days).

As regular readers of this blog know, I have something of an affinity towards fast food superheroes which wound up being a seed for an article I wrote about them that  — while it never wound up in print — ended up spring-boarding my book, Kiddie Meal Collectibles (Antique Trader Books March 2001).

Currently I have dozens of superhero fast food toys from numerous restaurant chains. Perhaps someday I’ll compile articles and images into a book specifically designed to delve into this very entertaining (to me at least) sub-set of fast food toys.

Meanwhile, my hunt for Mr. Incredible continues.


So, my delightfully lovely friend, Martha stopped at a MickyD’s in the great nutmeg state of CT and acquired for me a Mr. Incredible, thus completing my set. 

I’m so happy I could carry a book!

Martha is so sweet to not only put up with my excessive silliness, but to indulge me as well.

She’s the bestest! 

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