Sunday, December 24, 2006

It is a Spider-Man Day in the Neighborhood!

And yes, it is once again brought to us by Mr. Steve Ditko, courtesy of the NY Post whic is continuning to include 16-page reprints of The Amazing Spider-Man in their Sunday papers.

So, even as Spidey switches sides in the current on-going Civil War over in the current Marvel Universe (going from siding with Iron Man’s “Government” team to Captain America’s “Underground” team. While the switch didn’t come as any real surprise, it does mark the turning point in the Civil War.

I used this event to craft a webisode for SpiderFan which our nefarious leader, Jon Couper is choosing not to use (he hinted that he might use a version of this strip as re-scripted by him). Still, I enjoyed this version so much, that I’ve chosen to post it here. The art was clipped from the original web-strip (and then re-jiggered through Photoshop by me). The “South Park” images are from Chris Buchner.

Chris is also a member of CAG. and is something of a Scarlet Spider fan. (That’s him off to the right.) He’s actually an OK guy (for a Spider-Geek), but Hell, it takes one to know one, and I know ‘em all!

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I still have to put up the tree, so I’m going to wrap this episode up. Catch you all in a couple of days!

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Reilly_Punkrock said...

Hey, cool nite. Nice Work!
I found it in a random search for the Scarlet Spider. I was hoping you could pass a couple of links onto Chris for me please?

they are...

I'm currently in charge of a petition called Project Reilly there is an online petion for less enthusastic fans of the character but for the people who are really like him and want to see him back in the comics there is a hard copy comp running that you can find at the forum.

Keep it Real and please pass on the links for me. Stay Safe!

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