Monday, November 06, 2006

(Some) comics I've written.

I know that I’ve been chatting about both Psychosis! and Spider-Man in this space, But did any of you folks know that I actually have another comic to my credit (to be sure, Spidey isn’t a credit of mine, I’m just a Spidey-Geek, have been since I first discovered the Webbed one back when I was just seven years old — yep, that’s right, I was seven in 1962 when I first read Amazing Fantasy #15! Which means that I’ve been reading Spidey’s adventures for 44 years). Anyways, I have a nearly complete collection of Spidey comics (yes, including AF #15, and Amazing #s 1–the present day, with only a brief hiatus, which I’m now actively attempting to fill in. I also have most other issues of virtually all other Spider-Titles, as well as guest appearances, and the like).

But (as Peter David says) I digress.

Back in the mid-to-late ’80s I (albeit briefly) authored a comicbook series entitled Agent Unknown. The series was published by Deni Lobert’s Renegade Press imprint. The B&W espionage series only ran three (out of a possible six) issues, but it served as a powerful lesson for me in how to script a story, as well as was fun as Hell to write.

Well, as it turns out, one of the folks who truly enjoyed that series was Mark Mazz, who is not only a long-time friend of mine, but is currently serving as the Creative Director of Guild Works Productions, publisher of Psychosis! #1. Well, as you can already imagine, Mark has been pushing me (well, not so much pushing, as leading with that magic carrot) to revive the series which he wants to slot into a future issue of the C.A.G. (semi)annual.

If anyone out there cares (and the two or three of you who actually read AU) I’m happy to announce here first that AU will return to the world of publishing as I have one script already completed and am working on another (with yet two or three more plotted out in my head). I don’t know when these other stories will see print, but rest assured that they will.

As for non-AU material, I have more stories in the hopper for future issues of Psychosis! as well as material that I’m intending for other (as yet unannounced) GWP publications. So stay tuned to this spot, and learn more as it develops.

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