Sunday, October 01, 2006

CAG Rules!

You read that right, CAG (Comic Artists Guild) Rules. By-the-by, I’m not just saying that because I’m the newly-appointed Minister of MisInformation Director of Communications, (and Webmaster of the GPWGuild Works Productions — Web site), I’m saying that because it is flat-out true. As writers and artists we have joined together to form a sum that is greater than the individual parts. CAG offers us networking, friendship, and buddies with whom we can talk shop. I say again, CAG Rules!

Hold your applause, there’s more.

Well, last weekend I met with these guys in Middletown, CT we talked about the Psychosis! issue, as well as the formation of CAG-L.A. and CAG Lincoln, Nebraska, plus there was something of a re-org within the management structure.

Oh yeah, and (because it was my birthday), they not only got me a card, but a (cheese)cake as well. Thanks guys. I was so overwhelmed by it all, I forgot to take any pics, but I do have a scan of the card they gave me. Cute, huh?

Well, anyway, this weekend, we went up to East Hartford to partake in a comicbook show there. It was there that I (finally) scored an affordable copy of Amazing Spider-Man #36 V2, The World Trade Center edition. I think we are going back for the next show in December.

Next weekend, we’ll be back in NYC for a show there, and then perhaps in Milford on Oct 22nd for a show there (we’re still working out the details on that one). In the meantime, I’ve been told by Art/Editorial Director, Mark Mazz that Psychosis! #1 is at the printer, and we’ll have copies next week (if you want a sneak peak at ordering one, go to DimeStore Productions and Purchase Psychosis! #1 from them, or you can also order it (on-line or in person) from Midtown Comics or Jim Hanley’s Universe.

Oh yeah, here’s the card I got from the family.

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