Saturday, May 31, 2008

It is time to Hulk Out!

As I reported earlier, 7-eleven has added Hulk Slurpees to their menu (replacing the all but non-existent Iron Man Slurpees). Well, This time I actually managed to score one of the four lenticular cups. (Yea!) Only, there apparently are straws that come with the cups,and I didn’t acquire a straw, so I’m going to have to go back and see if I can get one of those as well.

Now those of you coming late to the part might be a little confused why I — an avowed Spider-Man fan is so interested in acquiring Iron Man and Hulk items, well, sure they are both Marvel Superheroes and all, but that’s really not the entire story. You see, I also collect fast food toys. No, not just nay (all) fast food toys, but superhero-themed fast food toys. In fact, I’m something of an expert on the subject, as I wrote a book on the topic back in 2001.

That’s right, I penned Kiddie Meal Collectibles (Krause) and have been acquiring fast food toys whenever I am able. To be sure, I am a Marvel Comics fan, but in regards to superhero fast food toys, it really doesn’t matter so much to me, as I have not only Marvel but DC characters, plus numerous others as well.(Did you know that Frank Miller’s Big Guy and Rusty characters made the jump to Fast Food toys?) Well they did!) So whenever I see superhero fast food toys, I scramble to acquire them (I even have a set of 12" tall Justice League toys from a fast food chain in Europe. Remind me to drag them out and photograph the lot of ‘em for ya sometime, eh?)

Heh, this just in, I didn’t realize it before, but apparently there is also currently a Hulk Big Gulp cup at 7-eleven, plus there is this extreme (52 oz.) Big Gulp cup at 7-eleven back in 2003 for the release of the Ang Lee Hulk film. Plus, in 2006, 7-eleven had a tie-in to the Fantastic Four film that I also missed. I guess that I’m going to have to start paying attention to this stuff more, eh? I happen to have a complete set of the legendary original Marvel 7-eleven cups (and that is only because the first 7-eleven in my area was opened up in my home town, and I was there nearly every day over that summer acquiring cups. They knew me by first name back then.)

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Tommy said...

Those Dr. Strange 711 cups are retro cool looking.

And I have the Burger King Mewtwo toy on the cover of your book (yes, it's a Pokemon).

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