Friday, May 16, 2008

Third time’s the charm!

So, a while back I mentioned that I had earned myself a pair of Marvel No-Prizes. Well, it seems that I have been awarded yet another one, but not for the one for which I was attempting to acquire. As you can read in that previous post, I was attempting to get one for events that took place in Amazing Spider-Man #555. Well, I didn’t get that one (yet), but it seems that I did score one from Amazing Spider-Girl #20.

Yep, that’s right I was awarded my third No-Prize, this time by none other than Tom DeFalco himself. You can read the letter in ASG or you can read it here.

Hey there Spider-Fans, I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how very much I’ve been enjoying not only Spider-Girl, but the various other heroes of the M2 –verse as well. I’ve been reading comics in general (and Spider-Titles in particular) for a very long time (since 1962 when I first got my hands on Amazing Fantasy #15). In fact, I’ve spent so much time pouring over Spidey’s extended family of related titles, that I’m a regular contributor to

A couple of years ago I had the chance to buttonhole Tom DeFalco and bend his ear for about five minutes about how much I truly loved reading the adventures of Spider-Girl. I told him then, and I’ll tell you all now the it fills me with the same type of wonder and excitement that I remember having when I was a teenager and reading Spider-Man.

One of the things I really enjoy about this title in particular is that, because it takes place outside the purview of the “standard” Marvel Universe, that there seem to be no rules governing it. Anything can happen. Back in the ‘60s comics were still largely unproven ground, with the ability to explore any topic, build any storyline, morph any characters whichever way the writers and editors chose.

As comics have seem to become more and more about the licensing and ancillary rights then the comics themselves (no recriminations, that is simply the way things have evolved) a character like Spider-Girl that exists in an alternate version of the mainstream Marvel Universe is less restricted in what can happen. It is wild, wild west all over again, and what can be more fun than that?

Plus, while it was fun seeing an adult Arana popping up in M2U (I did so enjoy her adventures as well), I wanted to mention, (and I’m sure you have spotted it by now) that issue 19 (Spider-Girl vs. Arana) was, for some reason, covered-numbered 17 rather than 19 (the indicia had it correct). I can only suspect that this is part of some fiendish other-worldly plot by those dastardly Skrulls, who somehow have managed to secretly slip over to invade the M2 Universe as well.

Hopefully our Spider-heroes can adequately deal with this new threat.


Robert J. “Bob” Sodaro

Unfortunately, it seems that Marvel no longer sends out “actual” No-Prizes any more. Ah well, I guess I’ll just have to suffer, eh?


Reggie White Jr. said...

Congrats, bob! When I saw the part in the letter about contributing to, I had to stop and look down to see who wrote the letter. Surprise, Surprise! =)

Robert J. Sodaro said...

I’d blush, but I lost that ability years ago.

Tommy said...

Perhaps we'll have to apply some makeup to your cheeks then. :P

Well, if we had any.

spideyfan said...

Brand New May?
A bit harsh because it reminds Spider-Man readers who ignore mainstream of the crap that is called "Brand New Day" (except the first good three arcs and a not bad 4th arc)

Now now son, no make up on Bob's face. I never got a red face by blushing