Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Now THIS is Spider-Man!

Back in In 1971 — when I was just a wee lad — I had been reading Spidey off-and-on for several years, but never really collecting it. That all changed my Sr. year in High School. I met another kid who also read comics, only he collected. Needless to say, we became fast friends and it was him that helped lead me back to comics, and kicked me over into collecting. (Ed and I eventually became roommates several years later, after College, but that is an entirely different story).

Well, it was around this time that the code-less Amazing Spider-Man issues (96–98) came out. I remember my brother clipping a piece from the NY Times about the story, and thinking that it was very cool. Later on, Ed actually had a print made of issue #97, framed it, and presented it to me as a gift. It is still hanging in my office. anyway, I recently became aware that, apparently, there was an unused cover of #97 that was drawn, and (hand) colored. That cover has recently popped up on the web, and I wanted to share it with you now.

The unused cover appearers at the top of this post, while an interactive version of it and the actual cover appears here.


Tommy said...

I first read this story during the early days of my collecting via Marvel Tales.

It had the 3-part storyline collected into a single comic.

Reggie White Jr. said...

I still can't believe that cover went unseen for so long. Very nice find.

spideyfan said...

Hi, I've been a fan of "spiderfan.org" for over 5 years now, and I certainly don't remember seeing this alternate cover there.

Anyway, it sure is nice to see another one of spiderfan staff members (at least if Reggie became a staff member as well)