Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BK Hulk Watch Begins!

That’s right kids, it is official, after Burger King winds up its Indiana Jones run of toys, it is going to be restocking its toy chest with Hulk toys. The Ed Norton-helmed Incredible Hulk debuts on June 16, so I’m thinking that the Hulk toys will appear the week before. Hopefully I won’t miss out on scooping these toys up as I did with the Iron Man stuff.

Yeah, I know that I can get the toys I’m missing on ebay, but it just galls me to have to pay five bucks plus shipping for a toy that I could have acquired for under a buck (without the artery-chocking meal that accompanies it).

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Robert J. Sodaro said...

This just in!

I just learned that 7-eleven will also be offering Hulk-themed Slurpee cups to tie into the upcoming June 16 film. Hopefully, they will actualjavascript:void(0);
publish this commently have them in stock, as opposed to the Iron Man cups that never seemed to actually appear in my local store (or in any one I actually visited for that matter!)

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