Thursday, May 01, 2008

Stan “The Man” Lee’s Election Daze

You all know Stan, he’s the guy who co-created Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, and essentially re-booted the entire Comics industry by organizing the group of talented creators that kick-started the Silver Age of Comics. Well, in addition to all of that5 (and being the head Honcho of Marvel for years on end, he also is a huge fan of Fumetti, that is the art of adding word balloons to photos. Stan not only did this years ago at Marvel (and with a book called Golfers Anonymous.

Well, he’s done it again, only this time he has taken aim at the Presidential political candidates. If you haven’t laughed yet this election season at the silliness that has been going on in our political arena, then you need to purchase this book so you can start.

It is silly, irreverent, and socially un-redeeming. Yet it precisely what we need at this point in the election process. As an aside for anyone who thought that Stan was no longer relevant to pop culture, think again, for you are sadly mistaken.

All I can say is you need to buy this book!


Reggie White Jr. said...

Thanks for mentioning this, Robbert! I am so buying this book!

Tommy said...

Sounds like something fun to pick up.

Btw, Bob, did you ever watch that Superhero-related reality show contest he was judging over on Sci-Fi? If so (or even if you did not, but have heard of it), what were your thoughts on that?

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Yes, Tommy, I watched the first season and realized that while I thought that I had a dull and tragic life, it was by no means as pitiful as the folks on this show. Having said this, I knew that had I the means I too would have made a costume and flew out to the West Coast to try out for the show myself.