Thursday, May 08, 2008

Spidey Beat up Who?

So, I'm thinking that I’ve probably mentioned that I’m something of a Spider-Man fan, and that I’m a tad upset about the way my hero is currently being treated in the pages of his own book, and that I felt that — for the most part — Stories told outside Amazing were generally better than the ones told inside Amazing.

That was until I read the Machine Man story in Marvel Comics Presents #8. In that particular story, Spidey shows up in a flashback that Machine Man is telling, and in the flashback Spidey fought and defeated Ultron. Yep, that’s right webbed him up and knocked him out. just like that.

Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, in another story in that same issue, Cyclops goes wandering in the woods in back of Xavier mansion in order to hunt and kill a deer. Hey, I know that it has been a while since Ive regularly read an X-Men comic, but I can remember back in the ‘80s when Earth was being invaded by some alien killers that Cyclops and (Wolverine or Corsair, I don’t recall which) yelled at him for not killing the aliens in self defense.

I’ve got to tell you that I think that something is seriously wrong over at Marvel these days. Deals with the Devil, “straitlaced” heroes killing, Spidey easily beating a villain that has repeatedly given the “A”-listed Avengers a run for their money. Can anyone out there help me with all of this?


Tommy said...

I can only figure Cyclops hunting is a reflection of whatever changes the character has been through in the last few years, but since I haven't kept up with all the things X-related, I can't say this with certainty.

There is also the possibility that Cyke is a Skrull.

And that is odd with Spidey and Ultron. It may be the first time (off the top of my head) that they've actually had a real fight.

Otherwise, Spidey got blasted by him in Secret Wars #4 while he was trying to tell Iron Man to suit up, and though Ultron was in the Vibranium Vendetta Annual storyline, it was Iron Man that confronted him.

Come to think of it, didn't Ultron come out in one of the comics you reviewed recently?

Riot in Robotworld?

Anyhoo, I figure if Spidey fought Ultron, it'd have to be a major all-out fight where he threw everything at him. As it is, I think Ultron has adamantium coating his body, so a simple bop from Spidey wouldn't cut it.

I'll have to check it out to see how bad it is.

They didn't even put a caption saying "After many hours" or something during the fights conclusion? (I'm thinking of when we see Pete and Ben take out Carnage in 3 panels in Power & Responsibility, but there are captions stating that it took them a fair amount of time.)

Reggie White Jr. said...

Does anyone actually check these stories before they go out? Then again, a peon is in the EiC chair, so I guess stuff like this is bound to happen. *Sigh*

Robert J. Sodaro said...

To be sure, yes, Spidey did fight Ultron in one of the Marvel Specialty books (Riot at Robotworld but I’m more willing to accept that story as being plausible because it is a) out of continuity, and b) targeted for a younger, non-comics audience, plus when I reviewed the comic for SpiderFan, I did cite the comic for what I considered to be an easy ending.

Further, I don’t think that Spidey can single-handedly beat Ultron, nor was this a particularly well-written story.

haroos said...

you speak truth.
although it's not realy new.
I remember in pp spiderman v2, there was an issue where they showed electro talking to guys in a bar and winning a bet about who is going to win spidey or the hulk (they saw it on tv) and spidey won by dumping a car on the hulk.
cause it makes a lot of ssense right ?
thor punches the hulk with the might of 100's of tons, but a 1.5 ton car will drop the hulk ...