Monday, June 02, 2008

Have a Hulking good time!

Hey there kiddies, I just wanted you all to catch up on the fact that I managed to acquire the remaining two 7-eleven Hulk lenticular Slurpee cups yesterday (yeah, yeah, I know — you totally care). This time I even managed to score the Hulk Slurpee covers for the cups (something I missed the first time around). I still haven’t seen the Hulk (or Iron Man) straws, but I’m still looking on ebay for them (I think that I found both sets, but we’ll see).

Not sure what fast food toys (if any) are going to be available for the upcoming Batman The Dark Knight flick (especially considering the dark nature of the film itself and the unfortunate death of Heath Ledger), but again, we’ll see about that as well. So stay tuned

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Tommy said...

Hulk crush puny straws! :P