Monday, May 05, 2008

What’s so new about this...?

A couple of years ago when Spider-Man was invited to join a new line-up of Avengers (and the invitation was extended by none other than the most august personage of Captain America himself), I was totally wowed. I thought it was perhaps the coolest thing that could have happened to Spidey. I figured that finally, he was going to get the respect he so richly deserved, and for about a year or so he did.

Then came Marvel’s Civil War Event. At the time, I had stated that I wasn’t sure that I was going to enjoy the world on the other side of the Event, but I was really enjoying the ride to get there. Well, after Civil War, there was Back in Black (not so horrendous), but then came One More Day, and Brand New Day, and well, you already know how distraught I am over that.

Now, I’m reading New Avengers, and the Secret Invasion storyline, and well, here again, I'm sort of interested in what they are going to screw up do here. So I come to New Avengers #40, and what do I see, not a New Avengers story, but a Skrull history story — not so bad, but seriously, as I just said, I bought this comic to read a New Avengers story. This so clearly wasn’t what I wanted to read, that I was irritated (yes, even more irritated than I usually am these days). Sure Spider-Woman appeared at the end of the story, but these days, she’s with the Mighty not New Avengers, so that really didn’t do anything for me.

At this point I can’t help but to wish that all of these endless “event” stories all tumbling into one another turn fandom off so badly that most of ’em stop buying the comics, that way Marvel (and DC, by the way) can go back to just telling stories. without having to resort to trickery to get us to buy the comics.


Tommy said...

Depending on who is revealed as a Skrull (sleeper or otherwise), it may be more than the cavalcade of event storylines that drive people away.

I hope they're not tacking on another 11 issue Frontline Mini though.

I like Ken Ellis more than Sally Floyd, which should say something.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

I think that they are doing another Frontline (don’t know how many issues). Also, I do want to say — incase that didn’t come thru in my blog — it isn’t that this is a badly written story, but it was simply not the story I was expecting to read.

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