Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yes, it is still Free Comic Book Day in my House

As we all know, the annual Free Comic Book Day occurs (generally) the first Saturday in May, well, even though I missed out on the actual festivities this year (a first for me), because of a family event (out of which I could not get) I managed to score a full load of comics from my preferred funnybook store (A Timeless Journey in Stamford). Well, between the 30+ books I scored from Paul Salerno (Owner of the shop), and the dozen or so books I picked up at the NY Comic Con the week or so before, I’ve been literally swimming — Scrooge McDuck-style in funnybooks for the past month (and loving it!)

Most of the FCBD books I acquired were reprints and/or samplers some of it was targeted for kiddies, and thus not as interesting to me, while some were just art samples and background info. One was a “How To Draw” book, and only marginally interesting to me. Still a few were quite interesting. Of course there was a Marvel comic (staring Spidey) That I’m, going to review shortly for SpiderFan. Some of the others included Love and Capes #7 (A book I waxed enthusiastic about a week or so back). Well this version continues the love story between Abby and Mark (he is trying to propose to her, and not quite coming up with the “perfect” way to do so), while adding a new superhero (Steel Worker) to the mix. To be sure, Steel Worker (who looks suspiciously like a certain Iron Avenger who just had his own movie) plays only a minor roll, but does show up predominately on the cover of the comic.

Another fun read was Steve Rude’s The Moth. This comic has a real Jack Kirby feel to it, as well as being just a load of fun to read. Steve recently began his own publishing company which is handling both this and Nexus. I really enjoyed this comic due to its very retro feel, marking it as something of a rarity in today’s marketplace.

D. J. Coffman’s Hero by Night, (published by Platinum Studios) was also very interesting. If I’m understanding this correctly, Platinum has a Comic Book Challenge, the winner of which gets their concept into a print comic. The story is about a present-day individual who found the power ring of a 1950’s hero, and uses it to become a hero himself. Needless to say, it spins out into some results he had not quite anticipated. The book is a flip book and is backed up by Jorge Vega’s Gunplay. This one is a western that seems to be written with a Clint Eastwood “The Man with No Name” feel to it. Very well done. You can see why both of these concepts won this honor.

Another fun comic to read was an EC Sampler, that reprinted some classic horror stories from that legendary line of comics. As stated, there were some 30 FCBD comics that were issued (as well as a couple of Clix figures — which I also managed to score) all of which have given me several hours of enjoyment. I’ll probably talk some more about these comics over the next couple of days, but I felt that I should start with these.


Tommy said...

The Moth does look pretty rad!

Reggie White Jr. said...

Whoa! You got a lot of goods for FCBD even though you missed it. Very nice.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

It helps to know folk, and to have a friendly comicbook store owner nearby.

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