Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Praise of Ed Hannigan

Back in the ‘80s there this wicked-cool artist named Ed Hannigan who worked for Marvel. He designed and illustrated the neatest, most innovative cover you were ever likely to see. He loved screwing with the cover logo and altering the perspective of what was seen. His name was Ed Hannigan. At the beginning of the ‘90s the contracting marked forced him to leave the field and find other work.

Recently it was revealed that he was diagnosed with MS, which developed from a “minor annoyance” to a major disability. Well, in something of a surprise move for a major corporation (that has had a long reputation for screwing creators) Marvel recently announced a benefit comic to benefit Ed, and help pay his medical bills.

Ed Hannigan Covered is a one-shot reference work that is published by Marvel and co-sponsored by The Hero Initiative. This comic is not only a very cool collectible as well as a nifty glimpse to the past. I’m highly recommending that you go out and pick up a copy of this book, even if you don’t know who Ed is, you’ll love looking at how spectacular his covers looked. He was miles ahead of everyone then, and he still is way out in front.

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