Monday, January 25, 2010

G-Man totally Rules!

Well, this is it kids, G-Man The Cape Crisis # 5 is out (well it’s been out for a week, but I just got a chance to read it today) and man-o-man was it a fun read! As you all know, I’ve been singing the praises of Chris Giarrusso for quite some time, from his hilarious work with the Mini-Marvels to his work here with his own characters. The series is populated with young heroes who have gotten themselves into a situation because of Great-Man’s gread (and yeah, stupidity) regarding the magic cloth that makes up his belt and his brother’s cape. The cloth not only gives them both the ability to fly, but it is the source of their powers and strength.

As you recall, last issue that power was spread so thin that the cloth literally exploded robbing both them (and all the others who were in possession of parts of the cloth) of their powers. Now the boys must go off to the mythical Sky Mountain to locate Krios to get back their powers.

Still, what really makes this series work is the delightful dialogue as well as the interplay between all of the characters. In this issue there is a particularly witty exchange where the school’s Principal reprimands G-Man for fighting because of his superpowers. G-Man says that he lost his powers and the other student has been picking on him. G-Man leaves the office only to have the kid call him out yet again, this time in front of the Principal. G-Man refuses the challenge, and the Principal tells G-Man to stop taunting the bully.

These kinds of exchanges occur all the way through this issue (throughout the entire series, actually). It is as if G-Man is the only rational person surrounded by a host of dim-witted morons. I’m telling you that this stuff is hysterical, Giarrusso, has a great ear for dialogue, and utilizes it to his advantage. If you aren’t reading this comic, you should.

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