Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It is a Marvel New Year

Well, as I pointed out in a previous post I received a pair of (very cool) Marvel Calendars for Christmas. Well, imagine my surprise when I went into my local comic shop the other day and discovered a (free) Marvel Calendar as well as the giveaway Origins of Siege

Both were giveaways from Marvel’s New year’s Eve event. I haven’t read the Origins of Siege, but it is supposed to give us a ramp-up to this year’ Mega-Marvel Event.

Seriously, Honest-to-Stan, I’m bone weary of the way Marvel whipsaws its way through one event after another. I know that editorial thinks that they are whipping up interest and sales, but I honestly believe that they are just making the existing readership weary of all of the events, and preventing new readers from being able to gain a foothold into on-going events.

I truly believe that if they just dedicated themselves to writing good, solid stories, with interesting characters, fans, readers, and yes, even sales, would follow.

But that could be just me.

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