Monday, January 18, 2010

Fanboy Arrogance

So, last week I was invited by my good buddy Chris Torres (yeah, the one who did a killer job illustrating my Agent Unknown Story in CAG #7). Chris asked me to come down and hang with him and the group at Magnum Comics (3723 Riverdale Avenue,
Bronx, NY 10463-1807). I had never been to this shop, so I figured that it would be fun. I trekked in on a Wednesday, so that the whole crew of regulars would be there.

Well, it was a load of fun and I got to meet some very interesting folks (hey, funnybook folks are always interesting), and got to talk comics with a new group of people. While there I managed to acquire some very cool stuff (a couple of comics, including an issue of Amazing Spider-Man (#16)that I’m missing, bring to eight the total number of ASM issues I still need). I also scored a really nifty lead statuette of The Creeper that came with a reference comic on the character. I’ve always been a big fan of Ditko’s Creeper, and am looking forward to the hard cover collection that is due out next month.

Still, what I enjoyed most about my time at Magnum was the conversation with the fans about Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson. All of these guys insisted that Kirsten wasn’t all that hot, and while that all agreed that none of them would “kick her out of bed” (as the saying goes), thy just didn’t think that she was all that hot (especially as MJ). Personally I was astounded, as I think she is not only killer hot, but a very competent actress (although I’ve heard her unscripted speaking and feel that she is dumber than a bag of rocks).

Further, not only would she never been speaking to anyone in the shop (except to say “Stop looking at me loser, or my bodyguard will kick you ass!”), but if she ever did show up on the arm of one of us (yes, myself included) it would because she was in a dogfight, and we were the grand prize.

Seriously, I was actually impressed by a room full of balding, bearded, overweight, funnybook Geeks who could — in all honesty — call a woman way more attractive than anyone they have ever seen in person “not so hot.” It was a fun moment for me, and I now want to go back and visit the shop again.

Anyways, Magnum Comics & Cards in the Bronx is a cool shop, they have a load of back issues, more toys than you can shake a stick at, and walls full of funnybook costumes for men, women and youngsters. Plus, the seemed to like me, and put up with my nonesence, so they can’t be all that bad.


AwesomeCloud and family said...

When I was more active on CAG chat, I was asked more than once why women dislike male comic book fans. THAT'S WHY!!!!

Sadly, the scenario you just described is not just an occasional thing. In some of those very same chat sessions, I had to endure critiques of Wonder Woman's breasts and other such topics. Gaaaah.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Just to be clear, this behavior is not particular to funnybook fans as much as it is to men in general. I've been with plenty of non-comics guys who disrespect the looks of a woman who is way out of their dating league.

AwesomeCloud and family said...

However, funnybook fans are among the very few who will do it frequently, shamelessly, in front of me.

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