Friday, January 15, 2010

Craig Ferguson talks about Spidey

OK, a buddy of mine (who stays up way later than me), sent me this clip from the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. It is rather long (9:25 min) but about he starts talking about Spidey, and does a rather extended bit about both the Spidey 4 and the musical (both of which have been put oh hiatus). he also keeps coming back to Spidey throughout the rest of the clip, so you should watch it through to the end.

I especially loved the line where he says that Spider-Man 3 sucked, “I liked the move and it sucked” mostly because, well, not only because it is hilarious, but I feel exactly the same way about it.

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Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

There are rumors about a reboot for the Spider-Man movies that will be released in 2012. Comments?

The rehearsal footage is the best, do you think he found it on Youtube or is it mockery made in the Studio he works in?

The "Dr. Dolittle" one is funny