Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The 12 days of (Spidey) Christmas

OK, so I know that you, my loyal readers, are all jealous of me, and have been hanging on pins and needles waiting for me to tell you what Spidey gifts I acquired for Christmas from my family, so I won’t torture you any longer, and I’ll post the pics now.

In no particular order...

A Spidey Cup & Plate

A (very cool) Spidey-head coffee mug

The Spidey mug came in this box

Marvel-themed lounge pants

Yet another (very cool) Spidey T-shirt

A Spidey magnet

A set of four Marvel tooth brushes

A 2010 Marvel calendar

A mini Marvel 2010 calendar

This was a very cool metal Spidey box

Spidey mouse pad

A Spidey memo pad

A Spidey note pad

A box of Spidey stickers

A window cling for my car.

I was thinking of splitting this batch into a couple of posts, but finally decided to post them all in one batch.

So, how was YOUR Christmas, eh?

1 comment:

Tommy said...

What's scary is I almost know where that art on the magnet was taken from.

The mug is awesome, though I can't help but picture Venom thinking, 'It's not eating his brains, but it's the next best thing.' *Slurp!* XD

I had a pretty cool X-Mas and I still have a thing or two in the mail on the way. Mostly video games.