Friday, January 15, 2010

Marvel Vs DC, the 2010 throwdown

OK, I just don’t get it. I read this new post from Heidi MacDonald’s very cool column.

...Marvel has just announced that they will accept trade-ins of retailers’ unsold copies of Blackest Night tie-ins for copies of a Siege variant edition.

You read that right. Marvel will give you a copy of their event comics for the covers of unsold copies of DC’s event comics.

The DC comics involved were all part of DC’s Lantern ring promotion — retailers had to order Blackest Night tie-in books at high levels in order to get collectible Lantern rings. Some folks thought the levels were too high.

That was on 1/13, then on 1/15 she posted this:

Why? Why did Marvel turn the clock back to 2001-2, when Nü Marvel under Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada delighted in playing Scut Farkus to DC’s Ralphie at every opportunity — calling DC AOL Comics, and so on. Jemas also delighted in getting hostile with retailers. But in 2010, things with Marvel seem so be going pretty smooth with that whole Disney thing and all, so why now? Why such an aggressive in your face move here and now?

Oh yeah, and well, then there’s this:

Which brings me back to my original point of, I just don‘t get it. Why can’t these two publishers just get along and instead of taking swipes at each other figure out a way to work together and do something to promote the industry as a whole?

I just wish that they would both grow up.