Sunday, January 23, 2011

BND/OMIT (Another Spidey rant)

OK, I finally got (almost) caught up with my Spidey reading, which means that I’ve finally read the travesty that they are calling One Moment In Time. First of all the thing that makes it a travesty is that it took them two years and four issues to tell this story, Second they made us suffer through yet another padded out explanation of why Pete and MJ never got married, and explain away the truly horrible travesty that was Brand New Day and the inexplicable deal with the devil, er, Mephesto that was foisted on us loyal fans as a truly horrendous example of a bad idea followed by flawed writing and worse execution. (I really don’t have the time to go into all the reasons for the preceding, you’ll just have to take my word for it.)

Anyway, let me say this about OMIT, it was a bad story for many reasons, but especially because it was totally unnecessary. Partially because Dan Slott solved Peter’s identity problem as an incidental part of Avengers, The Initiative issue #7, and partially because it simply danced around the entire deal with Mephesto.

I’m willing to admit that I enjoy the return of Harry Osborn especially as he has gone back to being Pete’s best friend. I love that Flash is also back, especially as the returning hero (I’m sorry that he lost the use of his legs), I hate the way the story was told, and I hate that it was a forced story rather than something that was organically grown out of the series as it was progressing. I also hate the fact that setting the clock back to the ’70s is editorial’s attempt at moving it forward.

Personally, I would have done things differently, still, no one asked me.

Anyways, I just wanted to say, that even though I really hated BND, what lead up to it, and OMIT, I did however like aspects of this final arc in ASM #647 (especially American Hero, the story with Flash). Truthfully, while I hated the concept and execution the story itself was much better than most of the past two years. I will also admit that the new storyline Big Time is also much better than most of BND, which is baffling, because, if they had writers that could write this good, and stories this worth telling, why in the name of Steve Ditko did it take them this long to get around to telling them?

It is enough to make me want to read Indie comics...Oh wait, I do!

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