Saturday, August 08, 2009

Vampyres Among Us

Everybody loves vampires (personally, I’m more of a werewülf fan, but that’s something of another story). I know that they are all around us, everywhere we look, TV, film, even in comics. a couple of months back I scored a comic by a very talented fellow named Baron Misuraca. His comic, In Flesh and Spirit is a rock ‘n’ roll vampire comic that is not only wonderfully rendered, but beautifully written as well.

Funny thing, though, when I read it, I felt an odd sense of Déjà vu, you see. it looked a whole lot like the comic Gothis by my good buddy Melvin Ylagan who illustrated the cover of Psychosis! #1.

In this adult-themed comic, Baron pulls of a very cool mix of vampire lore and the underground rock scene as his characters explore their lives living forever in the darkness of the night. Well, the funny thing I subsequently learned, is that Baron and Melvin are not only friends, but both rock ‘n’ rollers, and not only gig out together, but produce comics together. (Ain’t it funny how life works out?).

Anyway, it is very clear that Baron has been influenced by classic horror cinema and ‘70s comics, In Flesh and Spirit chronicles the origin and ongoing existence of Baron Misuraca, a 14th Century musician cursed into living the life of the undead. Now the Baron has been reborn in contemporary New York City, where he reigns in dark dominion but — as always — is a slave to two masters: his insatiable lust for blood and his spiritual quest for redemption.

This is a very cool comic, and if you see Baron and Melvin gigging out in NYC or at a comiccon, then you should ask to buy a copy of his comic.

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