Friday, August 14, 2009

G-Man Flies Again!

OK kids, yesterday I received my very own copy of Chris Giarrusso’s wicked-cool Image comic, G-Man: Cape Crisis. (To be sure, I purchased it through my funnybook retailer.)

I have to say that this is easily the most entertaining comic I’ve read in a dog’s age (OK, OK, I really like the Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius series by Chris Eliopoulos, and Marc Sumerak). Still, this stuff is a hoot-and-half. Chris, as you all know, is the talent behind Marvel’s Mini Mavels. This five-issue mini-series is done in the style of those Mini-Marvels, and picks up on the story of G-Man that ran in Image comics (collected in its own comic late last year).

This first comic has G-Man and his older brother dealing with a crowd of kids from their neighborhood who feel that they should have the right to possess some of the magic fabric that turned our two heroes even though mst of the kids are jerks and never really liked G-Man before he acquired his powers.

The dialogue is hip and story itself is light and breezy. It is exactly what comics should be. Further it is a perfect introductory comic for young readers, and I strongly urge all retailers to scoop this comic up and highly promote it.

It is the sort of comic that will ensure this industry readers for years to come. I kid you not.

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