Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun Time at Dave & Busters

So, I haven’t had the opportunity to post on this yet, but last week (two weeks ago?) I attended a Funnybook Happy Hour in Times Sq. that was thrown by the good folks who stage the NY Comicbook Convention. They have been doing this for a few months now, and promise to keep doing it until they get it right er, until the next NY ComicCon (next October, I believe).

Well, this one was very special for me, and not just because my favorite Marketing professional (Belkis) showed up, but because my son, Dylan, attended the event with me. Now, Dylan is normally not a funnybook buff, (he has attended shows with me in the past, but mostly when he was much younger), but as this was his last week before he began college @ Syracuse University, he chose to hang out with me for a bit.

One of the advantages of having Dylan with me was Dylan is a very lucky kid, and I don’t mean lucky in that he has me as his dad, but lucky because he keeps wining stuff. Needless to say, he won for me the nifty-cool comic that you see with this post (which was autographed by the artist, I believe). The comic is Darkness/Hulk #1. While I’m not a usual reader of either title, I am (obviously familiar with both characters, and did enjoy this very well-written and well-drawn comic.

Thanks Dylan, and don’t forget to buy that lottery ticket. I hear it is worth around a quarter-of-a-BILLION-dollars (Hey, you still have four more years to go, and I still have to put your sister through school when it is her turn!

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