Friday, August 07, 2009

Dust Cover Copy

So I’ve mentioned that I’ve been writing for Marvel (again) lately. (The Official Index to the Marvel Universe) Well, that’s really only only part of the Marvel work that I’ve been doing. One of the other bits that I’ve been doing for them is penning the dust jacket cover copy for some of their hard-cover collections.

This is fun, and gives me access to the Marvel offices, and well, is really as entertaining as all get-out. Plus with the email loops that I’m involved in with the other writers, it feels like I’m part of this great big funnybook jam session, and what could be cooler than that?

Any who, enough of this, I’ve got to get back to it, chat more later.

To date, I’ve done four. Iron Man: The Art of Iron Man, the Movie (Hardcover) which covered the art of the wildly-successful film; Supreme Power: Contact Premiere (Hardcover) which collected the six issues of the Marvel Supreme Power comic by J. Michael Straczynski and Gary Frank; Spider-Man And The Human Torch (Hardcover) which collects the wonderful limited series that paired long-time friends Johnny Storm and Spidey (a personal favorite of mine); and — most recently — the up-coming TIMESTORM 2009/2099 (Hardcover) that collects the (not yet completed) mash-up of the current Marvel Universe with an altered version of the one from 2099.

Last night we all got roped into a big project that was fun (tedious and exhausting, but fun, none-the-less). I really feel that I’m having a good time again, and rebuilding some of the connections that I had back in the ‘80s & ‘90s.

Plus I’m still working on a number of freelance/Indie projects (including penning a number of scripts and developing some new ideas — more on those as they develop). In fact, I just finished off a couple of scripts last week, and am am part-way through a couple of more already.

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