Thursday, June 19, 2008

Iron Man vs. The Hulk

OK kids, this one is hysterical. I acquired (via ebay) the three Iron Man toys that I was missing.

And, well they are quite cool. So I figured that I’d do my usual thing and post ‘em up here for you all to see and get jealous. As you can see, the three remaining toys are a Iron Man flying:

A sort of neat Iron Man puzzle (It has eight pieces and the instructions say “Use the letters on the puzzle pieces to help complete this puzzle.” Like I’m not going to be able to figure out how to put together an eight-piece puzzle of which I have an image of what the final puzzle is supposed to look like.)

And of course the villain of the piece, Iron Monger (powered by “The Dude” himself — can’t tell you how entertaining I found that part of the film).

Well, the coolest part of the Iron Monger figure is that it is a wind-up toy. So, well, I wound it up and watched it walk. then I got the way-cool idea to use my super-neat camera phone to take a video of it. (Sound not required, but if you do get sound, be sure to hear me giggling like a schoolgirl for the final vid.)

It took me a couple of tries before I figured out how to take a video that, upon playback, would play in the proper direction (first time out of the box it played back on its side, then upside-down).

Next up it took me a couple of times to make sure I kept the walking creature in the frame. Eventually I came up with this:

Finally, I figured that it would be kind of fun to — you know — play a bit, and since Iron Man and Hulk had come out one right after another (and currently Ultimate Iron Man and Ultimate Hulk are duking it out in the Ultimate universe), I thought would it be to have BK Iron Monger and BK Hulk duke it out right here in my office. The result follows.

Well I certainly hope that A) it uploads and plays and B) you enjoy it as much as did I.

Enjoy Effendis


Tommy said...

That's awesome!! Pump those arms, Iron Monger!

Hulk: "Hulk's personal space feel violated!"

I love that punching the ground pose with Iron Man.

rjsodaro said...

Heh, yeah, I’m havin’ way too much fun with this stuff.

Reggie White Jr. said...

You got sweet Iron Man toys.
Therefor, I envy you.