Monday, June 16, 2008

Even Fathers are Superheroes

OK, OK, I know that you folk all what to see what cool Spider-Related crap stuff I acquired from my family on Father’s day (hey, some days — not often — it is good to be me). So, without further adieu here we go.

First up, was the card itself! which is followed by a very cool Spider-Mobile, a Spider-Flashlight, and an incredible growing Spider-Man. As my daughter pointed out, I do have another growing Spidey (that came packed with a cool mini (reprint) comic), so perhaps I will grow this Spidey, and show you the resulting figure.

As you can see on the inside of the card, it was signed by both of my kids. For Father’s Day, I also went out with my son to see The Incredible Hulk (review to follow) and The Happening (M. Night Shyamalan’s latest horror Creapfest. Both were very well done, and I enjoyed them both. (My daughter chose to pass on going to the movies which is why we went to see them both, had she chosen to accompany us, we would have just taken in Hulk, as The Happening is Rated “R.)

When collecting stuff like this it always helps to have an understanding family.


Reggie White Jr. said...

Kudos on all the awesome Spidey gifts you got on Father's Day. Sounds like you've got a wonderful family, Bob. =)

Tommy said...

A growing Spider-Man, eh?

So many jokes to be made with that.

Make my 'monster' grow!!!
-Rita Repulsa (Power Rangers)

Awesome, awesome stuff! I'm still jealous about your Easter basket!

rjsodaro said...

I’ll be honest you, Tommy, the fact that you can quote lines from the Power Rangers greatly disturbs me.

Tommy said...

I watched it when it first came out, but stopped sometime before the Turbo season and all the other variants thereafter.

The show was pure crack, including the intro.

"Ahhh!!!!---After 10,000 years I'm free. It's time to conquer Earth!"


Personally, if I were stuck in something for that long, I'd stretch out and use the bathroom.

rjsodaro said...

Hey I saw some episodes too, but that was only because my kid was watching it at the time.

But you know, whatever floats your boat, dude!

Tommy said...

*Shakes fist*

I was a tween or whatever at the time!

rjsodaro said...

OK, now I just feel old.