Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Steven Colbert Spider

OK, I was watching the Colbert Report this morning (I was at a local concert last night, so I missed it when it first aired, so I’m watching it now). Well, they just aired a clip that I had to post here. Colbert has apparently just had a species of spider named after him. During the report, he had the scientist doing the naming on the phone. Make sure you watch the image of the scientist that he as posted. (Sound required.)

Seriously, what could be funnier than this?


Reggie White Jr. said...

I love Steven Colbert. One of the funniest human beings on this or any other planet. Now I want a spider named after me. I shall call it "The Quesada-Killer!"

rjsodaro said...

Noe that’s funny!

Tommy said...

That's pretty hilarious stuff!!